Is it possible for your team to trade for other players in my player for nba 2k12? related questions

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Is it possible for your team to trade for other players in my player for nba 2k12?0Aubrey2012-10-10 07:09:18
my player is on the kings and the rumor mill says that kings could make trade for JJ Redick . I know that does not mean it will happen , but it is possible that your team to trade for other players
Mlb 2k12 my player how to trade teams?6Liberty2015-10-30 23:57:44
i see the option to request trade in my player but its greyed out so i cant go to it. so i was wondering can you request a trade in my player? if so how do i do it.
When can I make player trade recommendations? NBA 2k12?0He Hate Me 2012-07-28 13:29:04
The 2K11 the team was going to say something along the lines of " you are the cornerstone of our organization" and ask players to follow ... Does this happen in 2k12 and so when ? Side note: I'm the best player on the team and my team is garbage ( the Cavs )
In my player 2k12 can you still get endorsements if you trade teams?0Kaylen2342012-07-20 08:53:02
i have a center who i traded from the trailblazers to the magic but i dont get anymore endorsements
If a NBA team traded all their current players for future draft picks and brought back these retired players:?0magpie2012-10-04 05:19:09
players to play as they are now ( not hypothetical " at its best " ) , but as they are now able to play , how well do you think the team would do, they would make the playoffs and if so far you go . < Br > MedlinePlus Magic Johnson MedlinePlus Larry Bird MedlinePlus Isaiah Thomas MedlinePlus Charles Barkley MedlinePlus David Robinson MedlinePlus Hakeem Olajowan MedlinePlus Reggie Miller MedlinePlus Michael Jordan MedlinePlus Alex English MedlinePlus Chris Webber MedlinePlus John Stockton MedlinePlus Karl Malone MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say any team in the East or the West consists of the following 12 players on their roster next year in this current age . ( can work to get in shape , though) How do you think that would be making the playoffs , how far would they go?
I Cant trade on Fifa ultimate team to other players.?0Ricarda2012-07-27 02:14:03
It says ''Sorry this offer couldnt be submitted as fut only allows trading between friends.''
What is the shortest amount of time a player has been with one team then trade to another and the trade again?1Tania2012-09-01 01:00:23
Adam LaRoche was the pirate trade the redsox and eight days later he was back trade to the Braves wondering if that was the shortest time possible
Help w/ 2k12 My Player?1Lallie2012-10-05 12:54:02
Im a 6'9 scoring small forward, and i got drafted to the Charlotte Bobcats. We are 2 and 12 but I average 28.7 ppg, 2.9 rpg, and 2.8 apg. I recently became a starter and we have still lost but by less. Do you think I should request a trade? Right now the Magic and Nets are interested in me. But I know with Dwight Howard i wont become the star player. Also, what should I upgrade on my attributes? Right now Im trying to upgrade my dunk. Its at 49 and my vertical at 55. Thanks
MLB 2K12 My Player Please Help?0miami2012-07-30 16:32:02
I'm on a team in that is not to good in MLB 2K12 My Player How long do I have to wait til be able to trade to another team? also I am a 98 overall in the game I think im in my 4th season.
NBA 2k12 My Player Help?1October2012-11-05 19:19:01
I just signed a 4yr/52m dollar contract with the Spurs. But now I am looking to be traded. I just wanted to know if your contract stays with you if your traded or if you re-negotiate.
NBA 2K12 My Player PG?0toad2012-07-12 23:22:01
i have a PG 6'3 and a 3pt specialist and i wanted to know what team should i trade to i got drafted by the Pacers and i dont like the Pacers because im from chicago lol so i wanted to know what team needs a good PG so i can get traded to? not these teams -Utah Jazz -Detroit Pistons -Bobcats -Hornets
Would u want tyreke evans on your favorite team? if *Yes* which players would u trade for..make it fair.......?3Mic2012-09-03 21:54:02
Tyreke evans might be on the trade block this summer during the draft. Even though evans hasn't done anything for the kings when it comes to a winning record. I really liked his all around game and I know he has potential to be a star in the league. Evans currently is not happy with his role with Sacramento and the kings organization is listening to offers. Please don't make a stupid trade. For example if your a bulls fan like scalabrine for tyreke

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