How can i know what product that have in my country that people need in their country but they don't have it ? related questions

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How can i know what product that have in my country that people need in their country but they don't have it ?0mikalah2012-10-09 19:05:51
I'm interested in world trade ..
Why do people still label our country a capitalist country?0Function2012-10-21 02:10:05
"A system of capitalism is sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank . Capitalism appreciated voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings , not credit creation by a central bank . Not capitalism when the system is plagued with incomprehensible rules regarding mergers , acquisitions, and stock sales , along with wage controls , price controls , protectionism , corporate subsidies , international management of trade , complex and punishing corporate taxes , privileged government contracts to the military -industrial complex , and a foreign policy controlled by corporate interests and investments abroad. Add to this centralized federal mismanagement of farming , education, medicine , insurance, banking and welfare . does not is capitalism ! "
"LG" Which country is the product? Philips, which country is the product?1llama2012-05-09 01:51:20
"LG " Which country is the product? Philips , which country is the product?
Why dont any country's start to move to electric vehicles?3olvia2012-10-12 20:31:02
its more environmentally friendly than gasoline cars Why not just start selling them to make the "thing" like that thing that ddi with old cars they marketed by a new one ( but with a little of their own investment) global warming is becoming a serious problem and do not see why any goerment is thinking of moving to vehicles powered by electricity
Pokemon white if i change my country and reset my game will my ditto be considered from a different country?0Alvin2012-07-17 21:05:02
I hear if you have a pokemon breed with a pokemon from a different country it gives alot higher of a chance to get a shiny, so if i change my ds country and reset and trade a ditto to my friend will it be considered from a different country?
Is Any Country in The Middle East Safe for developing country Workers?2Demie2012-09-11 16:53:04
I Heard Contemporary slavery is manifest in a variety of forms, most commonly: Chattel slavery: a person is bought, sold, traded, inherited, or given as a gift, considered "property" (Sudan, Mauritania) Debt Bondage: someone is forced to work, held as collateral against a debt they or a relative owe (India, Nigeria, Florida) Sex Slavery: mostly women and girls forced to have sex with "clients," often without protection (Thailand, former Soviet republics, United Kingdom) Forced Labor: including forced domestic work, construction work, work in restaurants, night clubs, and many other types (Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil) Middle East: Sri Lankan Domestic Workers Face Abuse Middle East countries employ bulk of Sri Lankan domestic workers. Sri Lankan women migrate to the Middle East as domestic workers annually-125000.
how to import the product from other country.0yulissa2012-09-17 20:53:03
Hello i am sam from India . I am new user and I love mutch . I also want to do the trade through Alibaba . but I have no idea how to trade it.I am a small business man in electronics . and I want to expand my business in other countries . but have no knowledge of how to do this . I want to import electronics from other countries wholesale.and profit in good margin . so my question is that? how I do my business in Alibaba . trade and shape it. I have no connection and form countries . I have not any trader in other countries . so I want you to know that I could benefit from this website and how to make it my business . so give me some advice. adieu
looking for a good product for distributorship in my country1Hae Soo Park si so hot! 2011-12-22 04:49:41
I am looking for a good product, a brand known to be distributed in my country Philippines . I'm in the supply of hardware construction, and distribution of school bags and I would like to distribute products is preferably related to my existing business. Please send the proposal with a description of your product. Thank you ! Email to [email protected]
Why are there no country songs about people losing money in the stock market?2britteny2012-08-31 01:13:02
Every country song with a sad or depressing theme is always about relationships going bad or losing a lover. If losing money in the stock market is worse than breaking up with a gf/bf, why to this day has no one ever written a song about someone being depressed because they lost money trading?
It Jiangxi country does what business is good that Jiangxi country does what business1Amir2012-07-04 19:31:07
May I ask, in addition to the left of our country, why the driver's seat there any other country in the driver's seat on the left1Blake2012-04-22 21:09:45
¿ I can ask , in addition to the left of our country , why the driver's seat is no other country in the driver's seat to the left
Is there a country willing to import me?1my teacher may be watching this site so no name2012-08-23 03:42:03
I am born and the province are not compatible since one in my life . I can hardly get me a house . Every six years ending in a hospital . Anybody can trade me ? I solve my debt as part of a Canadian yet I can not work as much as I want on that system (provincial ) .

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