What was the impact Ottoman empire had on global trade from 1450-1750? related questions

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What was the impact Ottoman empire had on global trade from 1450-1750?0Brandie2012-10-09 18:22:44
please help I do not know what the answer is and I can not find it on the internet!
Global Encounters.. Spain 1450-1750?0Evelyn2012-09-15 00:51:03
I have a project for school , and I'm having some trouble finding accurate and relevant research . Our task is to assume the role of a person in Europe in the 1450-1750 season . I am assigned to a living Official Spanish government in Spain . The questions we must answer are ; - What your company hoping to benefit from trade ? MedlinePlus - How has society changed over the centuries ? For better or for worse ? What are the underlying motivations for change? MedlinePlus - How to justify their society 's responses to global interactions ? MedlinePlus Also, I have to talk about what government officials would everyday life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Websites or books that you know what would be a great help ! Thanks so much!
Explain the impact of ottam empire on eastern europe and global trade?0Alejandro2012-11-06 07:17:42
General characteristics of the Atlantic Trade from 1450-1750?0Stevie2012-08-22 11:12:03
What are some of the characteristics of the Atlantic trade ? Like what was imported / exported and by whom .. effects of transatlantic trade , things about the slave trade , etc thanks
Changes and Continuities in latin america 1450-1750?0M Sandhya2012-09-15 02:50:03
Analyze the changes and continuities in Latin America in two of the following areas during the period 1450-1750 : MedlinePlus world trade , demography / migration , social structure , work systems , political systems . HELPPPP ANY INFORMATION PLEASE HELP !
Turkey's Chance for a New Ottoman Empire?0mujahid2012-10-22 02:34:32
Two months ago, we took note of Turkey's unusually aggressive tone against his neighbor, and (until recently) ally, the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad. It sounded a lot like Turkey was preparing to flex its muscles in the region and once again become a regional leader rather than a bit player faux Arab state. In fact, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has regognized once in a time-the opportunity to attempt nothing less audacious than a restoration of the Ottoman Empire. Last statement from Turkey to Syria is a clear threat, made in the style of such recent international interventions in the cause of human rights: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "This is our final word to the Syrian authorities, our first expectation is that these operations stop immediately and unconditionally ... If these operations do not stop, there is nothing more to say about the measures to be taken." Will we see a full-scale Turkish invasion and the de facto annexation of Syria under the pretext of overthrowing a dictator who is killing his own people? This bet seems to have much to recommend it, from the perspective of Erdogan. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, while NATO is bound in Libya and effectively grounded in all other thanks to the bankruptcy of the U.S. and Europe, democratic member countries of NATO would love to see the Syrian regime overthrown. The overthrow of a regime that tortures its own people and exports terror throughout the region is no benefit to global stability - in fact, these were the reasons they gave for tanks of NATO bombing of Moammar Gadhaffi. Turkey goes with his mighty army, perhaps given the logistical support of other NATO nations to give the appearance of an allied effort, show the world that NATO is still relevant. This would be very useful for counter-arguments (which are valid) that Turkey has done much to block NATO interventions most active elsewhere. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Arab League, Syria and condemn even more strongly than the West these days, is aimed at supporting Turkey's military intervention, at least diplomatically. Again, this would help to show the world that the Arab League is also relevant. Arab nations condemning daily "Western imperialism and Zionism" seem to have much fonder memories of his secular revisionists colonization by the Ottomans. Old Mr. imperial, most fondly remembered, with the passage of time, is bound to get a free pass here. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Turkey would have little to worry about Islamic jihadists, unlike American or European intervention in Syria, which would almost certainly active Al Qaeda in Syria (despite the nature Allawite Assad clan, which is not technically related Islam). Islamists aimed at restoring the caliphate could not credibly fight openly Islamist government of Turkey, whose military record might give precisely what aspiring jihadists. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Syrian nationalists, of course, rejecting a Turkish military presence in the long run. But nationalism in Syria has always been linked to the discredited Assad regime. And nationalism is just something with deep roots in Syria since the country's borders were determined by the Europeans after the breakup of the Turkish Empire. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If Erdogan could offer Islamized version Syrian Turkish democracy has created, this would be a step up from the state based on fear more police who have known all their lives. What I really object to the negotiation of the symbols of a failed state that has provided neither liberty nor jobs, in exchange for a Turkish passport and access to the thriving economy only in the region outside of Israel? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Opportunities like this to change the political map does not come often. In past centuries, these moments were used to carve empires eventually transformed into nation states today. Realpolitik obsessed with famous Otto von Bismarck used his time to annex and transform a bunch of weak states a superpower rival German Teutonic regioinal that at one point threatened to envelope Europe. The consequences of Erdogan to take his own Bismarck time are difficult to predict, but it seems that if he chose to act now, few would argue. MedlinePlus Will this be another area but to erupt into war and unrest?
Impact of global trade?0Chaseone2012-08-02 20:26:02
im writing a resolution for a MUN ( Model United Nations) And I need something to write about I know the bad things and how the world can solve specifically talking about the pros and cons of India and tell me how we can address the impacts
What is the impact of the global diamond trade?0marlisha2012-09-18 19:43:02
I'm writing an article on the impact of the global diamond trade , not only the problems of conflict diamonds in Africa . Discuss .
Impact of global recession in indian foreign trade?0mohib2012-07-28 22:35:59
how global recession effect on indian export-import
What are some Financial Impact of Global Trade for Aneuser-Bush?0leena2012-08-21 10:24:01
I need some information regarding the impact of global trade on Finacial Aneuser - Bush ...
Would the global financial crisis impact trade union membership?0Keela2012-11-04 19:27:05
would the recent economic crisis increase or decrease the membership of trade unions and HOW?
Where can I get information over trade in the Mediterranean Sea during 600-1450?0Shara2012-08-09 16:39:02
I tried to look up, but can not find good sites . Does anyone have the links to share ? Thank you !

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