Want a jirachi in pokemon, willing to negotiate for trade via Wi-Fi.? related questions

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Want a jirachi in pokemon, willing to negotiate for trade via Wi-Fi.?0J.M.2012-10-09 16:21:57
I'm dying here to get my hands on one and have several pokemon jirachi I would be willing to negotiate such as Suicune , Zekrom , Mewtwo , Moltres , Articuno , etc , etc . MedlinePlus If any Pokemon that you may want to please say so . I'm also a little confused about the whole process of negotiating with someone who is not random . thanks
Somebody wt jirachi want to trade for any other legendary/normal pokemon?0melrose2012-10-15 03:13:09
Anyone want to trade jirachi weight for any other legendary / normal pokemon ?
How do you get Jirachi from Pokemon Sapphire without trading from Pokemon Collisium?2johnjacobjingelhimershmitt2015-02-03 23:19:46
Is it only the european version of pokemon channel that has a jirachi in it?0Chole2012-10-10 10:15:20
You could just go to block buster or buy it at GameStop and play to get a jirachi in pokemon ruby my ? ( I'm from Texas ) I could also get one in the global trade station ( GTS ) in pokemon diamond and pearl version out? The reason I asked is beacuse I'm not sure if I can get a jirachi in gts without seeing it in my pokedex . So I can get on my pokemon diamond and pearl when he leaves without him in my pokedex ? Or do I have to have seen in my pokedex pokemon for the pokemon in the GTS ?
Trading Jirachi for Skuntank and Glameow on pokemon platinum.?0thariq2012-11-02 22:35:02
My name is Angel and my friend code is 4855-8744-9739 , I need your name and friend code msg me to make the appointment as soon as possible
Question about trading jirachi from pokemon platinum to soulsilver?0gisselle2012-07-07 10:25:01
has anny one does this trade? also with this work if i do it thought the gts or if i have a freind do it over over nintendo wfc?
If your car has constant electric failure and want to trade or negotiate with the dealer, what are my options?0Christin2012-09-14 03:27:05
My boyfriend has a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt has had a constant power failure . The battery is suddenly cut off and restart the whole car that was a problem I had to pay almost $ 400.00. The problem now is that the car does not turn , appears to be the starter and some fuses , radio , lights and windows will work , but when it comes time to start the car will make a loud noise and not turn on the radio is still on. What is costing around $ 1,000.00 He really wants to get rid of the car that has brought a lot of problems and , of course , cost money we do not have to lose . Not sure if you have a guarantee that only he knows all that, but I am pretty sure that the warranty was only for two years . He bought the car in 2009 and was funded and is currently still paying off. He has paid almost half the car . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What can you do in this case ? MedlinePlus His greatest fear is ruin your credit if he changes his car for the contract you have ? ? ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For people who have gone through something like what did you do ? without affecting your credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus HELP !
Hey guys, anybody got a jirachi or celebi up for trade?0Singapore2012-09-02 00:24:02
Hi guys , Does anyone have a jirachi or celebi for trade ?
Anyone willing to trade a manaphy, celebi, or jirachi?0Jazleen2012-08-21 01:49:02
I'll trade Pokémon shiny , and / or lots of legendary . MedlinePlus eg : Arceus , Darkrai , Latios , Latias , Kyruem , Victini , Palkia , Dialga , Shiny Groudon , Kyogre , Giratina , Deoxys , Mew , Mewtwo and / or Shaymin .
Anyone has a manaphy, jirachi, or celebi up for trade?1Economics student2014-12-11 19:10:22
Any person who has a Manaphy , Jirachi or Celebi for trade?
As World Trade Org talks to negotiate global agreement collapse amid farm stand-off, can anyone explain why?0Tityana2012-10-12 00:06:15
By William Schomberg and Robin Pomeroy Reuters - MedlinePlus 36 minutes ago GENEVA MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Marathon talks on a new wave of trade liberalization collapsed on Tuesday after nine days of intense negotiations , but ultimately fruitless . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " We were so close to getting this," said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab told reporters at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization after countries failed to compromise over measures to protect farmers in poor countries . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus "The U.S. remains committed to the Doha Round . This is not the time to talk about a round of collapse," said Schwab , who looked frustrated and distressed . " The U.S. commitments remain on the table , awaiting reciprocal responses ." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As seemed likely failure, New Zealand trade minister, Phil Goff , held out hope of talks continued at a later date . " I hope ... that what we have achieved this week can be used at least to get the basis for the future ," he said . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news < / a> ' your voice '
1 sale to negotiate on that occasion?1Milkey 2012-04-01 07:10:48
[Face = Arial _GB2312] as many day and night, numerous night as day. [/ Face] four-year career in the marketing of alcohol, the 18 words above are my most authentic portrait. Transactions at different times at different speeds, the rotation is different, the size of the client treatment are different. I remember the summer of 2002, when the telephone in the middle, about 20 million in business, bond with each phone call lasting 1,000 hours, according to the number of days to calculate, there are 12 months of 40 days , no day, no night call. The cost of which can be imagined. Customer shall not use the first opportunity for you to suggest a second printing, then for the first time to promote the business by telephone, after a year, the phone became my constant companion. Step by step to the position, the amount of alcohol is gradually increasing, the last for some time the office moved to a national style restaurant, reception or vice versa customers. As if every day feels like a dream of life, when a minister of public relations 2 months in Jiuzhuo not know how many people in the crowd, I do not know how many people experience the "Prairie three glasses of wine." People in different ways in different reception, and some people like things after finishing the Jiuzhuo, some clients, in a peaceful setting in the contract, but also in the hotel, after friendly consultations in the transaction, every time that the reception is like, "If the oil spring" all the time in Jiuzhuo as "the land where foreign creditors," a people of different words have different changes. I changed their place of business in four stages: 1. Transactions on the phone 2. Jiuzhuo transaction 3. Tea transaction 4. The hotel has an agreement with each stage, the different needs of different customer groups are also different. How important is look at the view. I spent more than one way to cope. You? Episode: some time ago received a customer, and the other two, then came the third time I described the other side of the picture of me, I tell you with glasses, smokes a pack a day is probably about half of cigarettes, which usually wore suits, some black leather and the other for a hearing, surprised, and asked how do I know I said this is the usual accumulation. Why do you think of the glasses: From their conversation, you have learned, you're reading a lot, no doubt with glasses. Why is wearing a suit: Knowledgeable people are usually focused image, and over 80% wore suits. Why is smoking: nonsmokers and smokers in particular, on the phone can be heard, if you talk to each other in 15 minutes, you may need to smoke, smokers who are called, by the hand, where took the cigarette, speaking on heavy. Why is his dark skin: 85% of them are certainly as long as the skin, black smoke, as they say that men usually do not make, some are white. Why do I say this, said Mr Butt, know too, I like to cooperate with you that tomorrow, after signing to play the last paragraph. The world most people, the greater the chance of success whatsoever.

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