Which bicycle would you choose?

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I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend . Among his things and mine , no additional storage space and pay for storage is a waste. I have a Raleigh bicycle hanging from the ceiling I want to sell or market and replace it with a new bike . A folding bike sounds like a good solution for storage and portability , but I realize that 's going to pay for that convenience . Is it worth it for the quality of the bike ? I want a different bike , regardless of whether a folding because the bar on my bike now is a little too high for me and the bike is too heavy to carry up and down stairs of my building (no elevator ) . I would prefer a female looking bike too. I am more than recreational rider , but maybe I would ride more if it was not a task as pulling the bike from the apartment. However , I am concerned that a portable bike would be much easier to steal . I was considering: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.raleighusa.com/bikes/comfort/

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