Similar to the Silk Road, one result of the trans-Saharan trade routes was? related questions

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Similar to the Silk Road, one result of the trans-Saharan trade routes was?0tiron2012-10-09 06:20:38
one . dissemination of religion over a large area MedlinePlus b. increased demand for consumer MedlinePlus Mediterranean spices c. the development of an extensive trade in slaves MedlinePlus d. the disappearance of Hellenistic Greek culture MedlinePlus e. early use of the coin between two different continents MedlinePlus MedlinePlus help please answer?
When did trade through the Silk Road begin and end?0Rhanya2012-09-14 03:42:02
I'm doing a project on trade overall Western Asia during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance . Does the silk road there during this time?
Can someone please help me with my silk road essay?0TEYA2012-10-22 15:12:12
Heres what I have so far MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Silk Road MedlinePlus With silk , jade , furs and many other items are being traders from many countries of the Silk Road from China to present today modern Turkey , the interaction of these different cultures created a cultural diffusion that can be seen in the names , the resulting tools , jewelry , luxury and housewares that these different societies adopted. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Silk Road came into existence around 300 BC this
Who were trading partners on the silk road?0Mick c2012-07-17 01:39:02
Who were trading partners on the silk road?
I NEED to get this essay on the Decline of Silk Road NOW PLEASEE?0righteous dude2012-10-17 02:24:54
I have to deliver it in an hour, so I have to get it done quickly , it was a last rehearsal notice v_v MedlinePlus MedlinePlus need an introduction , then three paragraphs on the following topics : MedlinePlus 1. The end of the Mongol Empire 2. New technologies MedlinePlus and 3. The new trade routes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus then I need a conclusion. if someone would help me would be sooo grateful ! thnx
Did the Romans originally get pasta from Asia by trading via the Silk Road?0A. W.2012-07-27 18:56:02
Did you know that the Romans initially get paste Asia for trade through the Silk Road ?
Times Online after the financial crisis into a foreign trade B2B "Online Silk Road"2Kris2015-12-21 00:50:53
Not long ago, open small orders online platform Alibaba wholesale "AliExpress" platform, the threshold limit of 19,800 yuan to cancel the threshold of membership fees. In the financial crisis of the times, small and medium-sized e-commerce to become the last straw Jinjinzuanzhu foreign trade enterprises to help open markets overseas. Silk Road Online economic crisis financial crisis in 2009, importers have become reluctant to make the traditional trade has plummeted, but allows e-commerce in the straw. Many companies from other countries to find the product online and purchase orders directly, on a small scale, short time has become a hallmark of such orders. Almost in a company layoff in China have to accept business from them. Small and fast, and little by little, they also found this is a good business model already in 2004, the former CEO Wang Shutong Joyo began this adventure, to create a global business platform connected to the professional, convenient for your name, and take the free registration, free to publish, the manner of commission rates I hope this can open a ". Silk Road Online" At the same time, this model can be said to be unique in the industry almost nobody recognizes. However, the arrival of the financial crisis makes this mode of access to an unprecedented vitality. Now, as Alibaba, including nearly all known e-commerce sites have begun to engage in foreign trade in this new model. The data show that the online e-commerce last year, maintained a constant 15% to the growth rate of 20%, online payments, and even managed a growth of 100%. CEO Wang Shutong predicts that by 2010 online commerce shows the development outbreak. The emergence of China as China's foreign trade network operators hundreds of thousands of foreign network operators in the ordinary, Li Bing very smooth transition. Now, orders for more than 90% of the network each month turnover of about $ 20,000, which makes some of them are clothing manufacturers in the fog was very jealous. The large number of network operators to promote Bing of "chipping away" to more advanced services, in recent years, eBay seller in China subtle changes in policy. "" Back to eBay buyers are individuals, the smallest transactions. In the B2B platform, buyers, wholesalers, trading volume is relatively large. As an order, transactions may increase several times or even hundreds of times, a customer taking 300 garments. "Bing said the expansion of trade, as well as surprise, the larger the business model in China. Accelerate the development of the online industry of retail in general believe that with the absolute increase in supply and demand, Online retail sales will usher in a new round of trade growth. Ereli data show that countries in the group of online shopping in Europe and America represented 90% of the total number of users, further illustrates the online retail channel is the inevitable choice for end users. network operators China's Xian Standard Consortium, told reporters, according to a number of manufacturers in Guangzhou The survey shows that 83% of manufacturers have already opened retail online. It is this shift from quantity to quality "of online commerce" model began to appear more and more on the person. As U.S. expansion in China eBay, Alibaba launched abroad platform retail market, and third-party platform for the emergence of international transactions, retail groups in line with the vendor in China to provide more channels for election in 2010, this line will be established along Route Silk went further. This topic raised by the system on 14/03/2010 5:00 time limit Highlight
[Silk Road Survey large forum] [Fair thirteenth surface materials] live in HC!1⺌ (. High fever ℃ 2012-03-19 03:33:32
[ Silk Road Forum Survey large] [ Fair surface materials XIII ] live in HC !
Looking for factory scrap silk, or overstock silk, or eco-friendly silk1 집합 가변명사 2012-03-05 19:21:29
Looking for silk mill scrap that may be remnants of silk are due to defects or silk that does not meet your specifications Stander. Or overstock silk , silk , which is the excess inventory last year or has been made ​​for a period of time. Or anything else that would make ecological or organic. Thank you very much !
What is the Sub-Saharan trade network? What was traded along this route?0Meranda2012-07-16 10:46:01
In Africa, why was trade so profitable for those living along trade routes?106Cyndi2020-08-03 02:23:58
A. Those who used the trade routes were taxed. B. The people living along the trade routes regularly raided the trading caravans. C. Food was extremely expensive along the trade routes. D. none of the above
How were trade routes affected by major waterways?0Zunish2012-07-18 07:19:02
I mean how water affects the peoples of the boats moored in the Middle Ages?

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