How much are Effanbee dolls worth?

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What are the Effanbee dolls worth?
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Kids and collectors have assessed the Effanbee dolls since first manufactured around 1910. Many of them have survived almost a hundred years and are now available in many price ranges depending on size, condition and age. New dolls Websites Internet marketers dolls are an excellent source of information, especially on new Effanbee dolls. From 2010, including Tales dolls are 16 inches, $ 50 to $ 110, the dolls of Mary Engelbrecht, from $ 43 to $ 110, and two more sets. Vintage Dolls Many internet marketers are interested in buying and selling antique dolls Effanbee. Their websites provide pictures and prices of the dolls in your inventory. However, few, if any, offered to evaluate a doll for a client. However, information from websites on the condition and age is useful in determining the value of a vintage doll. Doll collecting books Among the books on doll collecting, Jan Foulke "Guide to Dolls," Dawn Herlocher of "200 Years of Dolls: Identification and Price Guide" and the author of "Field Guide Warman Dolls" seems to be the latest . Such books can also be found in large libraries. See copyrighted books recently. Find Dolls on Internet auction sites Check the listings for Effanbee dolls on auction sites on the Internet is an effective way to find information and pricing for the Effanbee dolls. For example, in 2010 the auctions, doll Romero of 18 inches with the right clothes is listed at $ 153.50, and another Romero, much smaller, bare and broken is available for $ 8.49, and recovery a 27-inch Romero is $ 120. Other sources Several of the websites of antique dolls a client guide to online auctions, news groups, bulletin boards and rings collection site for information. Antique dolls up frequently in antique stores and junk shops. Once the collector has learned to recognize the wrists and estimate its value, can be found Effanbee dolls for sale at bargain prices. The same criteria apply in store and online, age, condition and size of the value.
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