How can United States citizens make it illegal to have politicians use insider trading to become rich? related questions

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How can United States citizens make it illegal to have politicians use insider trading to become rich?0richa2012-10-08 23:05:31
They make the laws and head committees that give them (if a normal citizen acted in this way - 30yrs in jail ) knowledge makes aware of how the shares will be made by its laws and go home and buy / sell accordingly. But what can we do to make a law that makes them follow the same laws as we do ? How can we let these thieves get free money in their coffers while watching reach their voters in line at the food bank ?
A female boss of the Super 35, the United States to make money law of insider like to make money **1KoRdUnAsIcA_17 2012-03-13 21:20:04
A chance, see this article. The beauty of a thirty-five **, the couple runs a shop decoration building materials, its viability can not be considered first class, but the incredible media smart. Each decoration has experienced, I think I see some stunning, but you can not sleep, and give some caveats, I think we can have some inspiration. a company that had never graduated from elementary school, the hours, the father of reasons, the family was living in Shanghai to pick up trash life, for this reason, you can experience hours of classes every family suffering poverty, stricken, was due to his father in Shanghai, an opportunity for them to have a stand at home opportunities. Shanghai had a production of the hormone production plant manufacturers, every day, picking up trash in them, to meet manufacturers of plant hormones in a person, this person because of low wages and stole a bag the plant growth hormone plant ---- 920, then not the rest of the fundamental rights to take the bags back to selling 920 of Zhejiang, hard earned money, money before returning to home, in the history of the family business. used to do a lot of business, such as clothing store open, singing bran traffic, etc, is supported by her husband took his unscrupulous methods that allow you to win a pot of gold. but has an unforgivable mistake because it is vague, lazy to send to others the extent of their own, only in this, the annual consumption will not return the money of thousands of dollars. gossip less and Syria. Now she has a store building materials for tile-based operation, its most classic of a transaction, let's look at its super-money law. Once a customer came to your local store, the customer looks around with a piece of ceramic tile options, and asked what price, said this piece of tile price is 12 yuan per piece, this price is lower than the purchase price of 4.8 yuan each. Do not worry, do not do the business of losing money, why do this? he saw that the customer comes from another store that came to the conclusion that the client is more concerned about the price of this piece of tile, but also have to shop around, and the quality of how customers do not understand, because customers do not understand the quality, so she was out of ultra-low prices, customers pick up a much, in fact, suffered a major loss. and then change the tiles to make money, is a "Prince of civet cats," trading methods, even more curious is that she also told customers who now runs the store building materials, often more cheaper than ever, never, never pay attention, convinced that customers, for his outspoken, no doubt. not know what they looked after you like? is only one sentence "speculators," Oh. In fact, as a businessman in today's society, very few, that many people are using these means, to deepen the life of the pot of gold. Marx once said, the process of primitive accumulation of capital is often the smell of blood, provided the pockets of unscrupulous money of others. Today the purpose of writing, only a process of transaction, be sure to pay attention to the type of product, brand and specifications, and blindly negotiation is meaningless.
Is oil trading illegal in the United States?1Lena2012-08-21 08:35:02
I would research the oil trade with but say the oil trade is not available to us, the citizens due to federal regulations ... Could someone explain this to me ?
If elected President would you make Insider Trading illegal for all members of Congress?0Jdub2012-07-13 19:52:02
Can we get our present politicians for insider trading?1Clyde2012-08-22 08:59:23
The media has been warning our country for over a year. Politicians, said everything was fine. It tells us that dump , dump dump in a financial market where everything is losing value . 401 k will be in shambles if the market catches collapse, as our president said that there is no financial crisis. John McCain tried to warn about this years ago , however , politicians say buying and investing , money pounds in the system, to borrow . Now all these banks , which invest your money is losing value . Is this billion-dollar rescue of another regime insider ? Everything will be fine for a few months until the loan to catch up on them, like the Great Depression years and years ago. People thought that the market stabilized and began to invest, then just days after it all fell apart . Now American taxpayers are forced prosecutors to invest in companies that are likely to freeze in economic growth. We have taught each year that a person with an outstanding loan and large is not someone to invest in. Why do these politicians think that Americans are going to trust a company that needs billions of dollars in loans to survive ? Would you invest in AIG, because now you have to.
For the experts: What makes the United States so rich? What do we trade? Manufacture? Import? Export?0Celest2012-10-13 01:42:36
We're not in the top 15 in these categorizations are .
When politicians say "comprehensive immigration reform" do they just mean "make illegal immigration legal"?0REANNA2012-08-16 15:00:31
I've been looking at the Dream Act and think if that was to become U.S. law might say " anyone can come here and forever. " Both Republicans and Democrats talk about " comprehensive immigration reform ", but that just means that they all want to import illegal immigrants with impunity and then replace them when they become more on citizens until wages are going to nowhere and we all have to crawl on the rich. Free trade and fair immigration reform apparently trick phrases " I do not want to pay the minimum wage so it will ruin the country and the use of ships on the seas and the importation of illegal immigrants who do not have to pay a living wage or provide health care . What are your thoughts ?
If Politicians can't continue "Insider" trading, are they likely to start taking Bribes from Lobbyists?10Ashlynn2015-07-20 00:04:52
What is the difference between legal insider trading and illegal insider trading?1Tasia2012-07-17 12:55:02
I always thought that the insider trading was illegal especially after hearing about how Martha Stewart got in trouble for it. But now I realize that may be legal too. Can someone explain the difference?
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute!1E, clenched multitudinous -2012-03-30 19:26:14
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute !
Do you think insider trading in congress will ever be made illegal?1voytek2012-08-31 16:19:02
Do you think the insiders in Congress ever be illegal?
Is it illegal to do "insider trading" on a fantasy stock exchange?0Amberina2012-07-29 01:26:01
Just cause I know that sometimes fantasy stock portfolios are used to gather leads for real life funds... ie: Marketocracy ? I wonder how the law works with regards to this.

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