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craigslist promotion proposal0kuwaiti2012-10-08 15:57:28
craigslist every day to promote suggested we send in 5-15 cities in advertising , the following summary of a little personal advice . Released to pay attention to the style of advertising , should not smell of malicious spam . And put in the correct classification . Honestly made ​​no problem at all . Formed by 10-15 when the registered mail , by forwarding mail , that can be added to a mailbox , ease of management , while preparing for 2-3 different ads . Please make some relatively decent photos ad design better. When released on Monday with three mailboxes , on Tuesday ... with three loops , the basic problem . Another ad craigslist expire , so its use is not spam link , only the promotion of sense .
ship building project proposal & financial proposal1- Love Lock closure scared '2012-05-07 20:07:23
Greetings to the spectators! I need an electronic copy of a demo or current project proposal and financial proposal for the shipbuilding industry (Demo / guideline or any copy) . I searched the Google Scholar yahoo, but could not get an electronic copy satisfactory to download. Please help me reach the goal. I have relationship with a potential investor who are interested in investing in the shipbuilding industry in the Indo -Pak, Bangladesh, India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Burma, etc expact care experience for a successful outcome. refers Hafiz
Bad proposal Stories?4Barbara2012-09-26 08:08:03
I want to hear some stories about bad proposal ... My girlfriend asked me on New Year's Eve ... at the home of her parents .. the trouble was that he was rustling around in his suitcase while I was waiting in bed I totally guessed that was coming , so when she got into bed literally threw the ring and said do you want this? Even the question lol. Still, although I love him to bits and would not change it (or him) for anything ... Are there other women ( or men) have proposed bad stories they want to share?
How long to wait for marriage proposal?4Harper2012-11-02 11:33:03
I've been w / my boyfriend for 5 years. I just graduated from college and graduated from a trade school four years . I just moved into a house that he and a friend of his ownes . They're selling the house in May and my boyfriend and I moved to the coutry . I want to get married before buying a house together. He tells me he wants to marry me "someday " . I do not want to keep bringing it up but ... What should I do ?
Should the Pacers capitalize on the trade proposal?1Maryanne2012-09-29 23:04:02
Beasley - Only 22 and could be a great cornerstone. MedlinePlus Rubio - Overrated, we will change it to New York to pick up a player either solid or picks . MedlinePlus Second round pick ( Enes Kanter ) - Put Kanter with Hibbert and we will have one of the best young front -courts in the NBA with Beasley - Kanter - MedlinePlus Hibbert . MedlinePlus Darren Collison is our PG of the future , and Paul George is an athletic wing who can play both G / F.
Will build a brand 4S store of any written proposal0Natacha2012-07-04 18:28:02
Will build a 4S store brand of a written proposal
What would be a good way to approach a competitive but profitable proposal?1.X ° 2012-03-14 21:55:24
What would be a good way to approach a competitive proposal, but profitable ?
Tour and travel proposal for Kenyan Market?0wade2012-10-06 15:57:56
In East Africa is a red hot destination for travelers! I am preparing to serve tour and travel agencies worldwide in a larger scale . MedlinePlus I would like to establish business relationship with independent travel agents and options provide tour and travel in Kenya and Tanzania with possible suggestions welcome . I will arrange for your customers
Is there anyone out there who believes in AGW but does not support Obama's "cap and trade" proposal? Reasons?2lyama2012-10-07 03:34:02
For those who do not believe in the CGA ( anthropogenic global warming ), the answer to this question is obvious. So I'm just asking those who do. Thank you.
Craigslist help?0dust2012-08-17 08:35:03
How I can be a good businessman on craigslist ? I have a mini camera , I can use for all my picture taking needs of what I'm selling? I got it at Walgreens for $ 10 . I have money on me right now , how I can get a lot of cash? non-legal forms or what? I am only 15. help please. is the person who is buying or trading me coming to my mailbox or front porch and trade or to take and leave the money there? Cmon share their experiences of the people or whatever thanks
I want to put an add up on craigslist but I need some help first?1bat2012-09-05 03:59:03
So first of all I have 14 my dad will help, but he really likes to use to learn to do anything much, so do not want to spoil anything. I have some questions I'll go through all that then summarized at the end. With it I will include -Xbox 360 Elite Ethernet-Cable AV-Cable Power cable- Two controllers xbox-360 (white, black) -Variety of games (Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, runs of The Simpsons, Halo, Halo 3) So I wonder how much you think you should understand that only charge would be useless Xbox is certainly not the original price, but with the above, and the popularity of Call of Duty I would say that would significantly increase somewhat . I want a PC game that you think would be a fair trade to order a PC, and all necessary cables, in trade for all, I also believe that I would rather have a mouse, monitor and keyboard along with him, but I have most, but not of very good quality. Would it be a good idea to me that this would be like asking a gamecube in trade for a Nintendo GameCube controller, which you need the Internet to use Xbox LIVE, and if someone is apparent from the PC for xbox which may or may not have to do that, that's not the point that you want to sell it further to give a PC for games. I've never tried to sell anything online before, so if someone help me here, along with my dad, I think it might be easy. Only the questions: How much should I charge? Is it a good idea to also ask for a PC game in trade? If you only read this to answer the first question you should read the part where I describe all that comes with the Xbox. I really thought I had more questions than two haha, well thanks for answering sorry, I wrote a lot, all you really do not want to make a mistake. Thanks again! I always vote the best answer 5 stars I'm kind of a noob yahoo answers, so I do not know if the effects the amount of points you get. Also, the Xbox is in perfect condition.
My legit trade proposal: Do you like the idea of the Cards trading for Olsen?1Juliana2012-09-04 15:18:02
there is no rational explanation behind this ... Greg Olsen, TE 24-year phenomenon , is not fond of the new Mike Martz offense and reports it has requested to be traded. Cardinals by contrast, do not have adequate TE in its list. So how about this : Cards get Greg Olsen Bears get: a second- round pick.

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