When will the diamond trade go the way of the fur trade--to a non significant trading item? related questions

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When will the diamond trade go the way of the fur trade--to a non significant trading item?0ONEOFMANYBOB\'S2012-10-08 05:34:27
Diamonds are the hardest substance , are not rare - they are stored and kept out of the market , the price is artificially high , and are not even that nice. Garnets and sapphires are nicer. So if more mines open , there will be a price reduction ? Or are these people to open their eyes and stop attributing much value to them ?
Can I trade TF2 item through steam trade if im F2P?0lacey2012-09-20 16:50:03
I have a premium account with Steam , but I'm free to play on TF2 MedlinePlus I can trade ? Article via steam trade ? even though I have no steam accout premium
Which markets are the most significant for Australia's trade future?0bridgette2012-10-14 15:12:27
What are the most important markets for the future of trade in Australia ?
How significant was international trade to Chinese society? What was traded? From where and to where?0Alyssa Nand2012-09-01 00:41:02
Who benefited China, or neighbors it? w / china ?
Who wants to be my friend in pokemon diamond to trade im trading a lvl 9 mew?5Cee2012-09-13 15:58:03
who wants to be my friend in pokemon diamond to trade im trading a lvl 9 mew post your offers for the mew
History Question: What caused a significant decline in Ottoman trade?0mary ann2012-09-03 01:34:02
Significant decrease in Ottoman trade happened when MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . Egyptian Cotton exports benefited the hereditary rulers of Egypt . MedlinePlus b. The Ottoman Empire spent in the Suez Canal project . MedlinePlus c. Islamic clerics refused to legalize the trade of coffee and alcohol. MedlinePlus d. British opium trade replaced Turkish opium and hashish . MedlinePlus e. signed a monopoly of trade in certain goods with Russia . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Why did this item trade in price go down?0Anoymous2012-10-26 18:34:53
I wanted to sell a book through Amazon and was trading around $ 30 , then today I checked because I wanted to check something before the intra-and now the value is about $ 7? Why the price falls dramatically in a matter of days ?
Runescape -can you trade this item ?0AKilah2012-09-10 19:52:02
Unfinished wooden brooch
Team fortress 2 item trade?1ruby hall2012-07-18 19:16:02
I am a PC user and i would love the "earbuds" in team fortress 2. I'll give 2 keys and a rare item for it! If you are interested friend me! http://steamcommunity.com/id/karmajuney
Anyone have these Pokemon to trade me in Diamond?0raychael2012-08-01 12:02:02
I need the following Pokemon, Bulbasur, Squirtle, Charmander, Mewtwo and Mew. I only began this game 2 days ago and have nothing of value, but please trade me some of these Pokemon I'm in real need of them. I will really appreciate it if you do. ITANI - 3522 9906 2334
I'll be on all day and need a magby on diamond wanna trade?0Clare2012-11-03 03:57:14
i'll be on all day names: Erad fc: 1547-6122-6257 i need your friend code then get on i also want a gligar,ex. share, darkrai,any shines,magmarizer and electrizer
What is the impact of the global diamond trade?0marlisha2012-09-18 19:43:02
I'm writing an article on the impact of the global diamond trade , not only the problems of conflict diamonds in Africa . Discuss .

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