What do u think about the future trade of Ron Artest going to Houston? related questions

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What do u think about the future trade of Ron Artest going to Houston?1ratboy2012-10-16 06:35:01
I think T - Mac finally get past the first round.
NBA 2k11: Should I trade Artest, Odom, & a future 1st round pick for Rudy Gay & Dejuan Blair?1Aleis2012-10-04 05:38:02
I am of the Lakers and was wondering if I should do this . Rudy Gay is a global player and he and Blair are very young
What do y'all see in the Houston Astros future?2cleo2012-08-10 02:33:02
They have tons of prospects for the big names who traded away. New owner , new general manager. You do not just cause the trolls who have run a couple of years and probably this year. I want an honest answer.
IF you were the Lakers, would you trade Ron Artest for Rashard Lewis?2House2012-10-11 10:21:01
Lets say Rashard Lewis' salary is not bizzard, would you trade MWP for him? (Rashard is a two time all-star while MWP is a 1x all star.) We all know that Ron Artest can miss wide open shots and that's what lakers needed these past few years. We seen that all season especially during the Thunder series. Although Rashard Lewis can shoot 3's and can be a good offensive force, his D is nothing close to one the of best defenders of all time in NBA history, and we all know that D is crucial, especially during the Nuggets series where they went 7 games because no one was there to gaurd Andre Miller and Danilo. This force LA to be tired coming into the series against fully rested young Thunders. Not to mention gaurding KD. Thoughts?
Should I trade Andrew Bynum for Nene and Ron Artest?0FROGG52012-08-22 05:23:02
10 team league, H2H , 10 categories Standard MedlinePlus I have a lot of centers ( Dwight Howard , Brook Lopez , Chris Bosh ) , and I am weak in SF ( Richard Hamilton ) would be falling TJ Ford . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any idea ? I 'm leaning towards keeping Bynum because it has the biggest mouth , but he will share in scoring / cards with Pau Gasol .
Would Detroit and Houston accept this complicated trade?0jamey2012-10-11 13:10:35
DETROIT DA .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - SP Andy Oliver MedlinePlus - RP Ryan Perry MedlinePlus - RP Fu-Te Ni MedlinePlus - If the will Rymes MedlinePlus - RF Magglio Ordonez *** MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Houston Trades ... - SP Roy Oswalt MedlinePlus - RP Matt Nevarez MedlinePlus MedlinePlus *** Where it gets tricky is that Magglio Ordonez and Roy Oswalt both have full no trade clause. Roy Oswalt will probably accept a contender ... Magglio Ordonez, although it would be disqualified and would not do it .... He also has a $ 15MM option for 2011 that the Tigers desperately want to ... What I think the Tigers could do to make Ordonez and the Astros and Roy Oswalt to accept being restructured their contracts ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I mean by this is that Houston is only interested in the prospects, the money at this time is not too big of a problem. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Magglio Ordonez Make a new contract with the same game vest 2011 135, but do so rather than $ 20MM $ 15MM (now he will accept) ... Then tell the stars that you have to pay $ 4 mm vest if reached, to be equal to the option Oswalt (Astros now accept) ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then Oswalt would feel so used to restructure that contract ... Exactly the same, but that 2011 will be a year instead included an option (now Oswalt agree) .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ordonez receives $ 20 million instead of $ 15 million ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Oswalt going to a contender and still gets his $ 16 million MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Astros get very good prospects (all but one with expeirience pro), along with an update on RF immidiate and outside the Hunter Pence and Michael Bourne contract MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Tigers get much needed aid to the owners and out of a very restricting (and stupid) contract. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know it's very complicated, but what do you think?
Knicks sign & trade with Houston for Camby should be what?3Khloe2012-08-24 18:37:02
Instead of offering Jorts in the trade. I think we can bring Camby back to the Knicks where he is still loved by offering... Toney Douglas - with Lin and Kidd we don't need him. Kidd played 28 MPG last season with Dallas and could play that off the bench especially with no Fields who played 28 MPG last season in and out of the starting lineup. Douglas can be a good player but he isn't a true PG and it would be better for the Knicks to pick up a project like Scott Machado, Tu Holloway, or Scoop Jardine off of waivers. Jerome Jordan- Omer Asik is the only C they may have capable of being a rotational player and Jordan who is a project is needed in HOU. Dan Gadzuric (non-guaranteed contract) & James White's (1 yr contract) - both are cap friendly Jorts is a good young physical player that can shoot the 3 and is full of hustle. He could be used strictly as a PF which he is with Camby on the roster. Everytime Chandler left the game and Amar'e was on the interior our defense was ineffective and Stat's weaknesses were enhanced. Having 4x block champion and a former DPOY who still gets it done on offense and the glass doesn't put our rebounding and defensive numbers at risk when Chandler leaves the game. Also Chandler's inability to score outside the paint is a reason why there isn't much spacing on the floor for Melo and Stat to have room to work together offensively. Camby has always been able to hit the 15 footer so Melo and Stat can play together better when he's on the floor as opposed to Chandler.
Will Houston Rockets use their 3 picks to trade for Dwight Howard?0()()()()2012-09-29 06:00:02
Jeremy Lamb Royce + white + = Terrence Jones Dwight Howard
NBA TRADE: Minnesota gets Chase & Houston gets 18th Overall Pick. Good?1bull2012-09-15 10:38:03
Well, Sports media wires have been covering handily the official trade of Chase Budinger to the Timberwolves in exchange for Houston receiving the 2012 18th Overall Pick to the Rockets. The move is touted to be a lure for a certain Dwight Howard even though he has only publicly/personally endorsed a trade to Brooklyn or New York (clarify?) Q 1. Will Dwight bite on the notion of wearing red, personally* and professionally? Q 2. Minnie gave up their 18th Overall 1st Round Pick ~ Silly or worthwhile trade? Q 3. YOUR opinion on this going through for the Rockets**? Q 4. Will the Timberwolves be getting a decent player in Budinger? * ~ Would Howard in Houston be a welcome change for him? ~ Who would surround him on the Starting 5? ** ~ Houston has amassed three (3) 1st Round Picks that management has publicly stated will be sent to Orlando to lure Howard to Houston.
Artest Wants TO Leave L.A.!!!!!!!?1Yousef2012-10-04 19:55:04
http://espn.go.com/nba/columns/story ? cabbage
Can NRI trade in nifty future, stock future and Option trading on intraday basis in indian stock?0Beau2012-07-15 07:46:02
i am in UAE. having a trading account
Did the Lakers make the mistake of not trading for Artest in the offseason?6Do2012-10-09 20:24:02
I know that the Kings wanted Odom, but Artest looks right now. It was a total beast offense and defense in these first 2 games for the Rockets. Artest would have really been able to help defensively.

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