Taboo feng shui kitchen

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Feng shui kitchen renovation should be noted that what is taboo
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A taboo of seven feng shui kitchen , the cabinet ready to be taken to avoid excessive smoke fumes from the kitchen is not anger, in the bedroom, oil red smoke , easily lead to the family of dizziness , irritability , affecting the health of the body, so setting the time of staff to study how to maximize the exhaust gases of the problem. Noise from the kitchen will not prevent the dream of the family, so the design must pay attention to the kitchen door and window insulation effectively. Second, avoid the kitchen , bedroom and living room floor over the kitchen floor is not more than the living room , bedroom and other reasons, the kitchen to the bedroom and living room in Feng Shui is called guilty, the master bedroom, as king, while Minister of kitchen if the kitchen of the room, make the following Minister to deceive his majesty , primary and secondary are different, the kitchen is not above the room room, bedroom above. Third, avoid the stove with the door to see a relatively open , money and consumption. See the kitchen door , a lack of hygiene is unpleasant psychological discomfort , secondly , the door is the mouth of qi, and related injuries , was the fire , temperament Huozhu bad, if you see the door kitchen, then the conflict would lead to the popularity of the house gas is not busy - home money are soon parted , the fate capricious. Thus, the disadvantage of the family fortune . The details of his villa in the best knowledge of their own website for Feng Shui Feng Shui
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