Can someone proofread my essay?

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First, I would like to take political heavily reinforced to deal with North Korea, the expansion of contacts between the two countries . The relationship between North and South is still weak . Although there have been important steps towards integration , in my view , is not to a sufficient amount . Nor thinking apart trustworthy, or feel the strong bond of blood that existed in the past , with the current trend of young people to think that unification is not needed. Far from feeling the race, the main reason to affirm the importance of the unification of North and South is located in the economic growth achieved by the united body . One of them , such as South Korea lack of natural resources , abundant resources of North America that remains intact is exceptionally attractive . Two , by combining the Korean Peninsula as a mass , and connect directly to fast-growing countries like China and Russia , Korea reached the central power through global trade issues .
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All policies have limits on them, so I'm not exactly sure what you mean. The best domestic policy contents insurance should cover the replacement value (which costs more than the book value) and cover the cost of rebuilding / repairing your home if things go wrong .

When things get more expensive if you live in an earthquake zone (expensive and not worth getting ) or flooding ( usually a separate policy ). It may be cheaper if you stumble upon a company that does not cover for things like burst pipes , etc.

If you are a risk taker, you can usually get a higher deductible to save money. But you never get something for nothing insurance companies . If a company is cheaper, they are less and less - what is the difference and do you care ?
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