Should the Free Trade Agreements be Scrapped? related questions

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Should the Free Trade Agreements be Scrapped?1Suzi2012-10-07 17:51:03
Free trade agreements with countries that do not share our living standards violations Latin only employment opportunities , also known as wage JOBS ! !
What are your thoghts about the Indo European Free Trade Agreements?0manman2012-10-23 07:14:24
India's largest union, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh ( BMS ) had opposed the agreement on several points . BMS Demands : MedlinePlus 1. Indian Government . should immediately halt negotiations on the free trade agreement with the EU . MedlinePlus 2. The government should publish the details of the negotiations and commitments to be done. MedlinePlus 3. Ashok Mitra recommendations should be implemented in all international negotiations . MedlinePlus 4. Government should immediately issue a white paper on the impact of NAFTA on various sectors of society . MedlinePlus 5. The government should establish an independent commission to review FTA with BMS participation in it . MedlinePlus 6. The government must convene a meeting with BMS on the impact of NAFTA on labor and other sectors . MedlinePlus 7. Decent work should become a national goal to create quality jobs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Should free trade agreements be dissolved in favour of trade tariffs?3joo2012-09-04 07:49:02
If free trade is dissolved in favor of trade tariffs ?
Why do economist prefer free trade to trade agreements?0RAJESH2012-11-01 23:16:56
international trade agreements can protect job, but why do they favor free trade?
What are some of the International Free Trade Agreements with our neighbors, partners, and allies?0Outcast2012-10-11 11:51:49
What are some of the international free trade agreements with our neighbors , partners and allies ?
Why do politicans fight for free trade agreements and then do not enforce the parts that protect American jobs?3Laurel hill2012-10-15 08:15:02
Part of the so-called agreements, such as labor laws abroad. Meanwhile, the partner country using child and slave labor for 50 cents a day and then blame the people by organized labor and taxes to jobs to the outside to get 50 cents a day.
Why are cuban communist in exile against Mexico-US diplomacy, friendship, partnership, & free trade agreements?0Jared Neistein2012-08-09 13:42:41
Is it jealousy , because Cuba is the only country blocked and excluded from the global economy? or what is going on?
Is Mexico is a great Nation that share borders, history, people, free trade agreements & much more with USA?3Angela2012-10-13 20:43:01
Americans know , we all know Mexico is the best ally of the U.S. Hispanic ! ! But what about you? What is your country? What do you know ORK national policies of the U.S.?
How can "free trade agreements" with cheaper, third world countries possibly benefit AMERICAN workers?0Ringa2012-07-30 20:35:02
We have free trade agreements with a myriad of countries whose people cannot afford to buy finished goods from us. While the benefits to American corporations are obvious (cheaper labor, not paying workers benefits, removal of tariffson importing finished goods, etc..), this does nothing for workers in THIS country. It appears to me that such agreements benefit everybody BUT Americans. NAFTA's impact on the American textile industry being a perfect example. What goods are we supposed to be exporting to nations with poverty-stricken households? Who is kidding who here? Perot was right about the "massive sucking sound" of jobs being lost/exported as a result of that legislation.
Taxis are 8 years scrapped, scrapped the other car a few years? The problem of traffic laws0can someone please help me2012-07-16 16:57:01
Taxis are 8 years turned into scrap metal, scrap another car a few years? The problem of traffic laws
Are regional trade agreements bad for imporved global trade?0Zen2012-10-06 12:21:20
MedlinePlus state yes or no MedlinePlus and please give reasons
What are the the characteristics of multilateral trade agreements?0meeeeee2012-10-05 14:02:14

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