With Zecco.com, you can trade shares for $4.50 each. What is the share is selling for $2? related questions

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With Zecco.com, you can trade shares for $4.50 each. What is the share is selling for $2?0ashish2012-10-06 13:03:50
Also, what if I wanted to buy, say , a part of Google , GOOG . Its shares are more than $ 4.50. Would I get one share of GOOG for $ 4.50 ? How does this work ?
Why does ZECCO make you wait 3 days after a trade to get the buying power back or more after selling a stock?0mely2012-09-21 14:05:02
Basically If I buy some stock and then sell it I have to wait three days before obtaining the cash balance in my account . Why it took so long? Is there some brokerage firms that give purchasing power away? ? ? ? ? ?
Is there any cost to buying and selling shares besides the price of the share?0De'Ja2012-09-27 15:52:05
for example , if I had 10 shares worth $ 10 that I sold I would have $ 100, then if I repurchased 10 shares when the shares are worth $ 5, then I'd have a profit of $ 50 right? not include any other ? ? ? Also why go through something like Scott Trade when I can buy and sell through the company shares have? ? ? ?
Zecco share trading?0darz2012-08-12 14:28:02
Hi I have $ 500 available to invest in stocks. Can I use Zecco ? I heard that you need at least $ 2,500 to open an account. Zecco also reliable?
Baker company stock is selling at $42 per share when Carlos sells 200 shares of stock short. today Carlos buys0res2012-09-23 06:56:02
Shares of Baker company is selling at $ 42 per share when Charles sold 200 shares short term . Today Carlos buys the shares at a price of $ 45 to cover their position . ignoring trading costs , what is the return on investment in dollars of Carlos ?
How do I trade in shares when I have mislaid the share certificate?0kazeem2012-09-05 06:57:03
I seem to have lost the stock certificate , without which it can not sell the shares I have. What is the solution please
Do I pay tax on selling shares in Australia?0Caligo2012-10-03 01:02:08
I have 18 years and has no income , however , I have $ 3k in stock and want to sell ( I'll start day trading with other economies ) . Do I have to pay capital gains tax or any other taxes when you sell , even if they have income below the income threshold of $ 6,000 ? If so, do I have to pay taxes if I have to re-invest ? Thanks in advance
Short selling of Shares?0vanessa68802012-10-08 16:53:53
I placed order to buy shares , but it was canceled and I knew because it was not shown in the trading platform and I sold them after an hour . Now , the broker is saying that you have shortselled shares , the broker is responsible for this?
Shares buying and selling?1charity2012-10-26 00:13:02
I was wondering if it is difficult to buy shares and sell online . Online . An online account say Halifax has shares. ? I can just buy what ever actions you want with the money in that account and the only cost involved is the transaction price for the purchase . 10.50 As for selling or buying . Therefore, it is as simple as that for a long term purchase fee simple. Spending only about 200 pounds, etc.
Buying few shares( 25 or less) when everyone is selling or when the price is down .25%-2%?0tammy lo2012-10-25 14:00:55
Can ( in reality) i buy 25 shares of any security ( such as GMR Infrastructure paints , berger , Yes bank , or other security normally traded in large volumes ) when 0.5 % to 2 % by down ? .. for example. GMR Infrastructure has been reduced from 143 148 , you can bid for 25 or 35 @ 143 shares? , Does the broker that I should bid for more shares ? ? ? Has anyone done this before? . I'm assuming everyone is selling at this time or at least most . In fact , I want to invest in small amounts and can not afford to buy 250 or 500 shares at a time, but the benefits outweigh assuming the stock price goes up.Mutual funds or ETF would be a better choice , but I I want to know if it is possible to trade volumes inlow .
Buying and selling shares for quick profit?0Maranda2012-10-21 00:19:31
Ok if you have to say that some capital
From which website i have to make buying and selling of shares?0green_heart2012-08-21 02:21:02
I'm interested in online trading of shares. if anyone has information please tell me

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