Big bath accounting? related questions

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Big bath accounting?0jeep2012-10-06 10:29:05
I'm trying to find some publicly traded companies that have participated in the big bath accounting ( intentional depreciation and losses ) in the last seven years . This is for a research school . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Self Accounting English undergraduate college + Upgraded accounting or need?1Huber2012-02-06 19:34:27
June next year , the accounting profession is about to graduate from college , the current self and left three undergraduate courses in English, goes well next July will also have a college degree diploma in accounting and Auto English . Want to work and accounting. Work-related English, it is necessary to read an accounting professional upgrade? useful employment ? Enhanced two years of work experience and is more useful?
What is fair value accounting and how is it related to the accounting for trading securities?0Miles2012-08-08 02:19:45
Can anyone tell me : What is the fair value accounting and how it relates to the accounting of securities ? Thank you !
I am an accounting major and i am trying to consider the area of accounting i would like to specialize in?0Blank2012-08-18 02:30:30
I like to read financial statements and try to evaluate the intrinsic value of companies listed , so I thought that the audit would compliment my interests. However , I also like to open my own CPA office , which leads me to believe that I might consider specializing in taxation. my questions are: 1. What is the best area for an accountant to specialize in if you are ultimately interested in starting your own business? 2 . Where I can find information about others who have decided to become a CPA on your own? 3 . my thought process now is based on the audit of a few years (probably will go as far as possible with one of the four firms ) , then find a smaller company regional / local in which they specialize in taxes, gain some experience , maybe even working part time in an operation by one person or two and then go out and start my own company. It looks like it may be possible ?
Financial Accounting! Accounting for a trading investment?0crhris2012-09-28 13:25:03
During the fourth quarter of 2010 , Main St. Inc. , excess cash generated , which invested in trading securities , as follows : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2010 November 13 1200 purchsed common shares as investment in trading securities , the payment of $ 10 per share . MedlinePlus Received December 14 cash dividend of $ 0.48 per share in trading securities . MedlinePlus December 31 securities adjusted market value of $ 7 per share . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Requirements : MedlinePlus 1. Open T accounts for Cash ( including opening balance of $ 22,000) , short-term investments , dividends , and gain ( loss) on investments , 2.Journalize previous transactions and send to T - bills. MedlinePlus 3.Show how to report short-term investment in the principal balance of San December 31 . MedlinePlus 4. Show how to report what should appear on the income statement for the Main St year ended December 31, 2010 . MedlinePlus 5.Main St , trading securities sold for $ 10,512 on January 21, 2011 . Journal Entries sale. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Financial Accounting Help on my homework PLEASE!
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