Should my character act the way she does in my story?

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In this chapter I'm writing it and parts Thema not sure. These are the important parts of life Thema Gray. MedlinePlus Born near Norway in the times before Christ, making her more than two thousand years old. She looked at her younger sister and lived his life. the equivalent of a priest told the king that his two sons, where evil. Even then the stories of vampires and witches were common and father really believed that this was true. At the time most had been traded to another man and was pregnant, because of the research I've done over the past Thema, which is the largest was pregnant at twelve years of age. Thema could see small bits of the future he saw what his father would do to his little sister and went to look. Before that the two sisters where Cyril vampiring grandchildren to gods and HSA (Ash and Lyric spelled backwards) who both were born and put together when reborn. Anyway back to the story when Thema came when his father was about to kill his sister. Thema froze and even in the 21st century really think it was her fault that her sister died. His father killed his youngest daughter and Thema attack killed his father. Because of her being the evil god granchild Hsa, killing polluted the soul and that the poison would kill the way. Now had the blond hair and gray eyes, but then she looked completely different. For days he wandered around the ground in agony. She became a vampire right and two children were born of Ash and Jasper. A few hundred years before our time Thema was still naive and childish and his real mother and son Cyril Darri HSA, found her and gave her a place to stay. Unfortunately, the same evil that had changed had changed Darri Thema Thema pregnant but had ceased to be a very small. Darri had killed his first victim and she changed in a way that had not Thema. Darri had become a sadist (This is where I think it gets to old for me, but I'm not so annoying) sexual and hoped his only daughter to be like her. Thackeray his other son had become a murderer who tortured young in other ways, not sex, but mental and physical torture. Thema wanted and did not want to stop what was happening, but Darri be the vampire queen of England at the time of Thema was nothing he could do. Hundreds of years passed with gray Thema Darri while Ash and Jasper had lived with other family. Thema Darri desperatly wanted to leave but would not allow Thema and not see her two sons in centuaries. His brother had rescued healthy but had the same disease that had Thema and Darri but was taking longer. While Thema saw his children and stayed with his brother was becoming increasingly unstable. soon began to kill and became so violent Thema had to leave. She was separated from her children and lived miles away from his family. People knew who she was and she was in serious danger to other people who wanted the throne of England. It was not long before the French hostage and brought up in a very sucluded in France. for months she has been abused physically and mentally because they had a copy of the list of all the information about vampires in England. He had hidden the copy and only she knew where he was hiding. Thema knew the letter would kill thousands of vampires and the French Council surpass Darri. His mother was a sadist and enjoyed the pain inflicted on herself and others. In the healthy part of her mind she truly loves him and went looking Thema. months later found beaten and unrecognizable Thema had a vampire drug pumped into her that made her delusional. yet she had not told them about the list and when I discovered this Darri Thema believed to be worthy of the throne. She was the queen and her mother was gone and everything was fine. Ash and his daughter has grown a little wild in the late nighties and had been going out to a club one night when she was attacked and scarred forever. it was thousands of years old, but his body and Thema were both a body of a teenager. Ash identified his attacker to be Thackeray, his brother crazy mothers. When Thema finally found after months of hunting he was surprised by the way he had become. during a physical fight Thema had the chance she had been able to kill his brother and put him in a prison preferred vampire. Ash got angry and left the family and denied that she was the daughter of Thema, and even changed his surname. At the end of the story the reader gets to know my protagonist Wynter is the younger sister and eventually kidnaps Thackeray and held hostage. Thema kills him, but I'm not sure how to react. Ash is still angry and end Thema must defent their actions, I'm not sure how she could justify the choice of his brother on his daughter. Am

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