What political party do I belong to?

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I have a very particular vision of politics and see no current party that represents my thoughts . I want to get some crucial things clear before we start: I'm not racist , I'm not a Nazi , I'm not a communist ..... Okay, here we go MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Abortion : I believe that abortion should be practiced without the use of tax dollars MedlinePlus Trade : Trade must be free and among the people to carry out MedlinePlus War : War is a sign to show military strength and global domination . We support and encourage MedlinePlus Wellness: Not sure on this one. I think it's fine for now . MedlinePlus Not really good or bad Hate Crimes : Should not be treated differently from other crimes in our society MedlinePlus Recreational Drugs : I think marijuana should be legalized and taxed , but other drugs should be discouraged MedlinePlus Animals : Aniamls are part of nature and as the top of the food chain , we have the right to eat and kill MedlinePlus Weapons : Only several firearms must be purchased. Small pistols and hunting rifles . Everything else is unnecessary MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think that's everything except this view that only one of my friends agree with me about and I admit ... is radical , but I see it as a way to improve human society : Philosophy is obese citizens humanely kill after a long period of time for them to get in shape . This means that the percentage of Americans exterminate lazy unwilling to help society . I honestly do not think this will ever happen , but it's just a view. Does anyone have any idea what party I belong?
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Actually , it does not belong to a specific party . His ideas are all over the place .
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