Clothing enterprises to purchase clothing CAD FAQ

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Clothing companies to buy clothing CAD FAQ
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Apparel CAD, the current penetration rate is slowly improving, and some knowledge of CAD due to the existence of a bias clothing inevitably will make some bad decisions, are the common problems that are listed for your reference. First, the computer can replace the hand of the plate? While the plan allocation method, the computer can replace the manual. Draping team still is not complete. Why do some clothing purchased CAD, companies want to do it first hand? There are several reasons, first, some of its CAD-like clothing features poor, or too complex, or a function of the arrhythmia, and the second is the training staff did a good job, third rather than companies can not use the computer. A good plate of efficiency in the garment CAD faster than the manual, especially in the province of Zhe changes relatively more in terms of women's board. Also, do not use the computer and each issue should be like starting from scratch by hand, we can use powerful computers to copy, modify the function to directly modify the pattern, so you can easily abnormal pattern a ready-made in a new pattern. Apparel CAD, which is reflected in the most efficient classification, according to the survey, by hand a day or two to complete the job classification, using the computer several minutes to complete, but still better than the accuracy of the hand. Second, the equipment can save nesting material? Some entrepreneurs think that team has no manual nesting materials and, in fact, this interpretation is wrong. In the clothing of early CAD, some versions do not have the inclination, rotation, overlapping functions, but now most of the CAD are able to deliver the same as flexible and easier to use the computer between the adjustment clothing, and even some CAD You can also learn and inherit the old master nesting experience, so novices can become a master of nesting. PC Dialer can also put different fabrics automatic cut, there is another row of a good mic stand fell off the computer that can at any time convenient to re-edit and print, to maximize savings in manpower and time. Third, do not understand people who can use CAD operation pattern? Is not. Computers and software are simply a tool, if used properly, the key is to see if the operation person with relevant work experience. The management of some companies that bought the DAC can discard the experienced teacher of high wages, only to spend less on salaries to hire a novice can, in fact, this is the advantage that many companies can not play the root causes CAD. Fourthly, the use of CAD clothes cost? Is not high. Companies may also have been higher than the price of clothing CAD, the use of high cost, so did not dare to use. In fact, the current price of apparel CAD has been very flat, and each company is starting to buy the only use. Pen plotter using pen paper ordinary microphone stand, use a very low cost. Usually, a few million investment in one year can be saved again. Fifth, what are the advantages of the garment CAD? First, the general model from the factory was used to store the pattern in recent years, the cumulative pattern a lot, not only occupied the same room, and a query is very annoying. CAD designer clothes have become all the numbers, no matter how patterns can be stored on the computer all the time easy to consult. Second, over the Internet, providing a distance of a few minutes to complete the pattern, you no longer have to wait anxiously for the mail. Third, garment CAD has become a garment factory in one of the teams the necessary tools, clothing CAD will not affect the image of the plant. Sixth, the common graphic design software to replace the garment CAD? Common graphic design software can be used for designer clothes but can not substitute for professional CAD clothes. First, the common graphic design software (including clothing fashioned CAD) can only be a simple tool to simulate the traditional brush can not reach a realistic three-dimensional effect. As a result of three-dimensional garment CAD surfaces and three-dimensional ray tracing technology, so that design can reach the true anomaly in the material and texture, shadow, wrinkles and other aspects of expression patterns can not other software level match. Second, the software bitmap-based graphic design can only be a simple way to simulate the traditional hand-drawn and modified three-dimensional vector-based system design can be adjusted to any change in the heart of truth on the one hand, to realize the role of computer design. In summary, for the production of apparel CAD in clothing the great role, in addition to collecting the best out of the system, but also new ideas, change ways of working.
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