Fantasy baseball trade: I trade Ryan Howard, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale, get Joey Votto and Mike Leake? related questions

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Fantasy baseball trade: I trade Ryan Howard, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale, get Joey Votto and Mike Leake?0Tillie2012-10-05 02:36:07
Thoughts ?
Fantasy baseball trade: Jake Peavy for Desmond Jennings?0Sheilah2012-07-20 19:17:02
I have pitching to spare, and need a good CF. But is Desmond Jennings worth it?
Fantasy Baseball - Should I trade Joey Votto for Matt Kemp?0jaszie2012-07-19 03:49:02
So a guy in my league wants Joey Votto from me. He offered Adrian Gonzalez in a package including a few other lesser players. The only person I would think to trade for would be Matt Kemp. Should I go for a Votto for Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez, since Gonzalez is having a WAY off year and Kemp is injured? Or should i just bite my lip and keep Votto? I don't normally do trades at all, not much of a risk taker, mostly add to my roster through free agents throughout the year. Any advice? I put my roster below in case it helps anyone: C - Joe Mauer C - Carlos Ruiz 1B - Joey Votto 1B - Billy Butler 2B - Michael Young 2B - Daniel Murphy 3B - Kevin Youklis 3B - Brett Lawrie SS - Jimmy Rollins SS - Jed Lowrie OF - Adam Jones OF - Josh Willingham OF - Shin-Soo Choo OF - Austin Jackson OF - Nick Swisher OF - Brandon Belt DH - Freddie Freeman DH - Jim Thome Bench - AJ Ellis (C), Anthony Rizzo (1B), Lonnie Chisenhall (3B) ,Stephen Drew (SS), Dee Gordon (SS), Matt Joyce (OF) SP - Ian Kennedy SP - Chris Capuano SP - Yovanni Gallardo SP - Edwin Jackson SP - Kyle Lohse RP - Jonathan Broxton RP - Joe Nathan RP - Felix Doubront RP - Vance Worley Bench - Tim Hudson (SP), Hiroki Kuroda (SP), Justin Masterson (SP), Brandon Morrow (SP), Jeff Samardzija (RP), Drew Storen (RP)
Would you trade Joey Votto for any Yankee ?0leanel2012-10-20 23:46:30
I would not
ESPN Fantasy Baseball - Should I trade Evan Longoria for Ryan Zimmerman?0Diante2012-09-23 11:44:03
I can play in a league of ten mixed teams . Longoria played H2H Categories.I know is one of the options of first class all fantasy baseball , but I've had it for a long time and has not helped my team a lot . Zimmerman is only 6 games back from the DL . Here are some statistics . MedlinePlus Last 7 days Batting : MedlinePlus Run - H/AB-2/24 Longoria HR RBI SB -4 -0 -0 -0 - BA 0083 MedlinePlus Zimmerman R -4 - H/AB-7/28 HR RBI SB -1 -4 -0 - BA 0250 MedlinePlus Hitting on 15 Days: Longoria has spent only 8 / 38-0211 BA and in the last 30 days has passed only 20 / 83-241 BA with 3 HR and only one was a lucky inside - the - Parker. MedlinePlus Be that Longoria has projected much better and had a better 2010 , but this is a long depression that has been in. My main questions are : How do you provide the Nationals with R Zimmerman and RBI opportunities as opposed to how the Rays will do the same for Longoria , and what do you think about Longoria coming out of recession in the next 15 to 45 days ?
Should I trade Joey Votto and Brian McCann for Jonathan Lucroy and Andrew McCutchen?3Shanelle2012-10-12 20:18:03
I need more gardeners and I have to replace Votto LaRoche .
Trade howard/stubbs/rasmus for votto/holliday/morrison?2Ker2012-10-02 07:48:02
I have offered to trade above a 12 team H2H keeper league. Stubbs The Rasmus and have 2 years left to stay , so you 'd be missing some options doorman there. Morrison is the only player to receive and he would have three years of eligibility goalkeeper. Not much left for me but certainly goalie options I like my chances this year . My lineup would be : MedlinePlus C - Arencibia MedlinePlus 1B - Votto MedlinePlus 2B - Johnson MedlinePlus Izturis SS - MedlinePlus 3B - A- Rod MedlinePlus OF - Holliday MedlinePlus OF - Ellsbury MedlinePlus OF - Morrison MedlinePlus Util - Markakis MedlinePlus Util - Soriano MedlinePlus BN - Belt MedlinePlus DL - Pablo Sandoval MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ? Play this year and trade off some guards ?
Jake Peavy and Sabathia both pitching for the Yankees in 2009?1Bruno2012-10-27 03:59:02
I heard that the Yankees have already made ​​an offer for Peavy in the winter meetings , because Peavy 63 million over the next four years , I was wondering if Yankees do trade for him renagotiate will have a new contract with him , like the Mets had to do with Santana ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I heard that the Yankees are offering Melky , Austin Jackson , and Hughes / Kennedy for Peavy MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I was watching Sportscenter and they just said that Sabathia is more likely to go to the Yankees because of the huge amount of money going to pull it, plus they just asked the question above about Peavy and renogotiations because I want Yankees still I have that money coming off the books with bran for Sabathia . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Teixeira also seems a good choice , since only Giambi declined the option , it looks like he's going back to the Bay area where it started. Pettitte wants to return and also over the Yankees , which I think is a bad idea, nothing left in the tank and hes aging hes old and gray and I want the Yankees go a different way this year , with Sabathia and Peavy 's rotation if this were criticized it : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sabathia MedlinePlus Peavy MedlinePlus Chamberlain MedlinePlus Wang MedlinePlus Marquez ( I want the Yankees to raise him because it seems he has unfinished business ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Tell your opinion, who do you think the Yankees get it? where AJ Burnett and other renowned pitchers and batters finish this season ? Do you think my predictions are totally on - exaccherated or right on the mark ? I need specific answers / feedback !
Is this a good trade? Chris Bosh and Mike Miller for Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson?0big red2012-07-22 22:24:06
I see this as good for both teams the Heat really need a couple big guys and the Jazz need to make more room in their frontcourt the salaries work too. What are your thoughts?
Cincinatti extends Joey Votto for TEN more years...?4aamina2012-10-05 10:37:02
Joey Votto and the Reds have agreed to a ten-year, $225MM contract extension according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today. The deal includes full no-trade protection. I did not expect this at all and frankly I don't quite get it. If they were going to extend him, I was expecting a bit of a discount, but this was not. Cincinatti is a small market and when this contract starts getting bad (and it will, Current contract+extension will end when he is 40), this will really handcuff the Reds. His big contract will have much more effect on the Reds books in the future.than Fielder on Detroit or Pujols on LAA. It's nice to small market teams able to retain their best players and keep them away from the big markets, but I don't understand this deal froma business perspective. What do you think?
Fantasy Baseball Trade?1lalola2012-10-23 02:57:02
This is a 10-man ESPN H2H league, and offered me this trade with someone . The problem with my computer is that I have positions 2B/SS Brandon Phillips , Starlin Castro , Dan Uggla , Asdrubal Cabrera , and Jose Altuve . And I can only start four of them every day . And I need a 1B/3B position , as I have Joey Votto and David Wright , but my third choice is Freddie Freeman , who has been injured / afternoon heat . So here's the trade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I gift : MedlinePlus SS - Asdrubal Cabrera MedlinePlus OF - Justin Upton MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Receipt: MedlinePlus 3B/SS - Hanley Ramirez MedlinePlus OF - Shin - Soo Choo MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The guy I 'm offering trade Hanley also used in SS , so I guess I can connect Asdrubal there, as I intend to use to Hanley 1B/3B option . The Upton by Choo is just to try to be as uniform as possible in my opinion . The only thing I can personally see standing in the way is that the guy I'm dealing with is second in the division , while I am the first ... that probably will not help .
Fantasy baseball trade help?3Romeo2012-11-03 08:48:02
Carlos Gonzalez Kenley Janson John Axford for Mike Stanton Giancarlo Aroldis Chapman Elliot Johnson

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