[Parallel] Nokia 3250, N70. Sony Ericsson K750. How much?

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[ Parallel ] Nokia 3250, N70. Sony Ericsson K750 . How much? Shijiazhuang ~ of the best! What cell phone in the van of goods in Europe to talk about what 's Who also requested an appointment that such models Thanks ~
Answer1CorneliaAnswered at 2012-02-10 05:37:31
In parallel, including the Asia -Pacific , Europe Edition Edition .. ... European version and the Bank of Hong Kong. Asia -Pacific edition only by the seller to provide warranty service . Priced brands , such as Hong Kong Bank can Genius. Cheaper than the European version. Asia and the Pacific expensive than in mainland China edition cheaper to find a reputable licensed sellers of parallel imports , the prices of parallel imports of one year warranty are almost the same .. ... 3250 .. N70 .. 2700 about 2400 or so on K750 .. 1800
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