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Business Finance Homework? Help Please ?0Ekanki2012-10-04 13:30:13
I 've done most of it , but I need a little help for the rest . Basically, it has given me some business scenarios and I have to give the most appropriate source of finance. MedlinePlus The types of funding out there to choose are : Hire purchase, issue of shares , loans , mortgages , Grant , Lease , cash on hand , Trade Credit & Overdraft MedlinePlus . The scenarios are: MedlinePlus 1) A sole proprietor small construction business who want to buy a used truck . MedlinePlus 2) A family textile business , commercial and LTD , with the desire to invest in some manufacturing equipment . MedlinePlus 3) The Curzon Veterinary Association , you need to get funding to help you buy a new premises . MedlinePlus 4) A new business wishing to sell tapes and CDs over the Internet . MedlinePlus 5) A new business supplying organic vegetables directly to consumers . MedlinePlus 6) An established hairdresser who wants to open a tan and manicure . MedlinePlus 7) An established business family fish and chip shop wishing to take over a rival . MedlinePlus 8) A coffee shop business looking to expand nationally in the north of England . MedlinePlus 9) A mix concrete business , which requires a fleet of trucks. MedlinePlus 10) A small MedlinePlus sole- trader wishing to buy a second-hand truck . 11) A large PLC wishing to take on another PLC . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated, but you can only do a few of them :-)
Finance Homework help !?0Glenzetta2012-09-19 00:34:03
31. MedlinePlus A market for existing financial instruments currently traded among investors is called ____________ market. MedlinePlus A ) technical B ) vital MedlinePlus C ) MedlinePlus efficient D ) secondary MedlinePlus E ) primary MedlinePlus 32. MedlinePlus A request that a stock is bought or sold at the current market price is called ____________ order. MedlinePlus A) Market MedlinePlus B ) limit MedlinePlus C ) stop MedlinePlus D) around MedlinePlus E ) MedlinePlus discretionary 33. MedlinePlus The company financially independent or person acting as a representative of bondholders is : MedlinePlus A) Chairman of the Board . MedlinePlus B ) The president of the corporation . MedlinePlus C ) bondholder . MedlinePlus D ) Support indenture . MedlinePlus E ) trustee. MedlinePlus 34. MedlinePlus A bond that is backed only by the reputation of the issuing company is called ( n ) ____________ bond. MedlinePlus A) obligation MedlinePlus B ) mortgage MedlinePlus C ) Indenture MedlinePlus D ) preventive MedlinePlus E ) Actions MedlinePlus 35. MedlinePlus A bond that can be exchanged , at the option of the holder , for a specific number of shares of the corporation is called ( n ) ____________ bond. MedlinePlus A) obligation MedlinePlus B ) mortgage MedlinePlus C ) Indenture MedlinePlus D ) convertible MedlinePlus E ) subordinate MedlinePlus 36. MedlinePlus A feature called : MedlinePlus A) allows bondholders to convert the bond to a specific number of shares. MedlinePlus B ) not available on corporate bonds. MedlinePlus C ) allows the company to buy outstanding bonds from current bondholders before the maturity date . MedlinePlus D ) is available only with government securities . MedlinePlus E ) is guaranteed by the corporation .
Help with Corporate Finance homework?0sheka2012-08-30 00:02:16
I have three questions that I can not seem to find an answer to what I will see if the yahoo community know the answer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ted currently owns 100 shares traded that would like to sell . Which of the following is the most efficient way to sell their shares Ted ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Issuer A. MedlinePlus sponsored Dutch Auction B. Proxy Statement MedlinePlus C. The private placement transaction MedlinePlus D. Stakeholder Buy MedlinePlus E. MedlinePlus Secondary Market Transaction MedlinePlus Which of the following parties may sell shares of ABC in the primary market ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A. ABC company MedlinePlus B. Any corporation other than ABC Company MedlinePlus C. MedlinePlus institutional shareholder D. MedlinePlus private individual shareholder E. All this MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Which of the following statements related to securities dealers is correct? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A. Distributors MedlinePlus buyers with sellers Distributors B. buy and sell from its own inventory MedlinePlus Distributors C. operate on a physical trading floor MedlinePlus Distributors D. operating exclusively in the auction markets MedlinePlus Distributors E. limited to trade unlisted shares
Need Finance Homework Help on stockholder information?0amritpal2012-10-01 02:37:02
How important do you think is the control for the average shareholder of a company whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange .
Need help with business homework questions?0grey2012-09-15 19:58:04
Much of the damage to forests and streams of the eastern United States and Canada has been attributed to acid rain , sulfur originating from manufacturing plants and power in _______ . MedlinePlus [ a] Canada MedlinePlus [ b ] Mexico MedlinePlus [ C ] the Midwestern United States MedlinePlus [ d ] Europe MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Save- A- Bunch Hardware prices doubled plywood and other building materials after a tornado hit the area. Save- A- Bunch hardware is probably guilty of _______ . MedlinePlus [ A] collusion MedlinePlus [ b ] Price MedlinePlus coating [ c ] MedlinePlus price speculation [ d ] MedlinePlus price fixing MedlinePlus Which of the following ways to buy products from companies other manufacturers or producers and then sell to retailers MedlinePlus [ a] wholesalers MedlinePlus [ b ] The service firms MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus farm shops [ d ] retailers MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As an option owned small business , small business consultants generally recommend _______ because the odds of success are better MedlinePlus [ A] the purchase of an existing business MedlinePlus [ b ] invest abroad MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus external financing [ D ] starting the business from scratch MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When a company sells a part of himself in order to raise capital , a (an ) _______ . MedlinePlus [ A] merger MedlinePlus [ b ] MedlinePlus spinoff [ C ] MedlinePlus ESOP [ D ] divestment MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What organization created the classification of countries according to per capita income ? MedlinePlus [ a] World Bank MedlinePlus [ b ] EU MedlinePlus [ C ] World Trade Organization MedlinePlus [ D ] GATT
Colleege Business Law Homework Help!!!!!?0karisha2012-11-05 00:54:09
I need help explaining the difference between LIPA, Keyspan, and National Girl. Write if they are public or private corporations, profit or non for profit, whether they have stock and if they trade on the NYSE, and who is in charge (CEO, president, etc.) thank you so much in advanced for anything you can help me with!!!!
Help on my business and economics homework :)?1zakir2012-08-20 06:05:02
I have this question mark of 13 and who knows what the right! How much trade in global supply and global multinational force companies to have higher ethical standards than domestic firms ? xxxx
Business homework questions?1tarisha2015-06-07 23:34:25
1) The land of Narnack has a very fertile soil , but a lot of oil. What steps should be taken Narnack ? Narnack should MedlinePlus one . They specialize in the production of crude oil and grain trade for food and other products MedlinePlus b. Growing food anyway because its people will need it for survival MedlinePlus c. Focus on attracting tourists to the country and buy the necessary supplies and food MedlinePlus d. They specialize in the production of food products such as cereals and bread e. Import of oil to meet the country
Business Question Homework? Help!?0Dalilah2012-09-20 14:55:02
When the investor pays a broker only part of the total purchase price of the acquired shares , as investors are buying says _____ . MedlinePlus [ a] faith MedlinePlus [ b ] hope MedlinePlus [ C ] MedlinePlus edge [ D ] margin MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Each broker / dealer in the U.S. conducting securities transactions with the public is required to be a member of the _____ . MedlinePlus [ A] MedlinePlus Securities Commission [ b ] World Bank MedlinePlus [ c ] National Association of Securities Dealers MedlinePlus [ D ] Association of Brokers and Agents Commodities and MedlinePlus _____are trade rules reduce excessive market volatility and promote investor confidence to temporarily suspend trading on the New York Stock Exchange . [ A] Circuit breakers MedlinePlus [ b ] Automated Quotations MedlinePlus [ c ] Auto -buys MedlinePlus [ D ] trades MedlinePlus Program MedlinePlus Before a company sells securities firms are required by law to offer investors in the future the opportunity to read through a document containing full details of both the new issue and corporations . What is the required document called ? MedlinePlus [ A] affidavit MedlinePlus [ b ] leaflet MedlinePlus [ C ] book reports MedlinePlus [ D ] order blank
to teach you personal finance money business0~*~§izzLiN' §e®b~*~ 2012-07-14 15:01:02
business to teach personal finance money
Which degree is going to be hot for the future...International Business or Finance? Thanks a lot!?0reisom2012-10-04 21:04:26
Does university of Chicago have a good business and/or finance school?0patience2012-07-28 10:05:05
So correct me if I'm wrong , because my knowledge of this is entirely limited to what I found online. want to get into proprietary trading and heard Chicago is the capital of proprietary trading ( correct me if I'm wrong ). im doing above average in school but I'm not the best student . I hate to sound like an idiot arrogant, but I am very smart, but I'm not good at school. I think I'll be able to do very well on the SAT and ACT. anyway I've heard from the University of Chicago is a great school with a high acceptance rate . i kind of ****** for myself, not doing well in school, but whats done is done . anyway I've heard great things about this school and I really like the way the capital of proprietary trading in the nation. So my question is, is a great school but have a good business or school finance ? Sometimes the best schools do not have the best business programs and as I think that's what I'm doing with my life that will influence my choice in school.

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