What type of link cable do I need to link a GBC with a GBA? It's for pokemon trading.? related questions

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What type of link cable do I need to link a GBC with a GBA? It's for pokemon trading.?2MS SEALS2017-09-21 01:18:18
What kind of cable I need to connect a GBC with a GBA ? It is to trade pokemon . ?
Is a gba link cable needed to trade Pokemon on DS?0Andrew-please help!!!!!2012-10-22 03:55:07
So I want to change my pokemon sapphire Emerald , both DS 'to do I need a cable or one of those things connecty ?
GBA SP and GB link cable?1Savanah2012-09-24 22:47:05
If you play Pokemon Red and Blue on two GBA SP's can you use the standard advance link cable to trade the Pokemon? Or do I have to find a set of standard Game Boy's?
Is there a link cable connecting a dsl to a dsl?1aleah2012-07-25 08:35:02
hi guys I want pokemon battle and trade pokemon emerald, but we both have DSL and cable selling a link to the THT or from DSL are wireless and have wifi that works because the wifi is built in?
Is it possible to link the emulators for pokemon yellow and pokemon blue for trading?0Meemee Romulus2012-07-27 07:31:01
I've been trying to do this for a while now and i'm not entirely sure if it will work, i've been using vba link and i can get the emulators connected, but when i talk to the person at the pokemon center it says that its 'reserved for 2 friends linked by cable' and wont let me continue with the trade. I've been using the roms for the gameboy games pokemon yellow and blue.
Could someone upload the pokemon trading card game rom to rapidshare and post the link?0L1LB2012-07-04 08:45:02
Pokemon emerald vba trade link help?2annastacia kirk2017-11-13 02:14:24
I play pokemon emerald on VBA , I am not able to trade Pokémon with single computer link , direct corner can not find the other person and if I use the wireless option is giving communication error . I have traded pokemon before with this unique game live on the corner , but now I am able to negotiate , please help, my version is 1.8.0 vba
How do I trade pokemon from emerald to sapphire using VBA Link?0 fish curry -2012-08-30 10:10:06
Well , I tried for a while to trade between the two , but I am unsuccessful . Once I did with emeralds and rubies , but it was only once , and then tried it and it did not work , I do not know what factors made ​​that day , I was able to trade , anyway , I do like every single guide I read says , and still nothing . Any help would be appreciated , but not all will be accepted . Thank you.
What are the Pokemon Black/White Global Link rules when it comes to Action Replay Codes?0far2012-10-10 11:09:45
Heard custom link connecting global if you used Action Replay codes on your profile . However, a lot of events have happened as Celebi in HG / SS , Mew in Emerald GBA , ect . if I used Gameshark and Action Replay to unlock these events and catch the missed event pokemon and then trade them to another game that never used repetition of the action, global link block or detect a pokemon caught with repeat action in another game ? < Br > MedlinePlus Please respond only if you have tried this or replay use in multiple games . I have really wanted to find out because I'm getting the game soon , and some pokemon will be impossible to achieve without using cheats . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Does link trading still work?0Tine2012-06-30 20:09:02
I have a new niche classifieds site and want to get all the search engines and viral marketing you can. Does the link trade actually improve the positioning of the page or is that a bygone era?
Is it possible to evolve Haunter without link trading?0(Joyce)2012-09-09 19:49:02
In Heart Gold .
Can some one please give me a link that explains currency and commodities trading.?0jj2012-08-12 06:37:01
Well, do you know of any good sites ?

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