If a NBA team traded all their current players for future draft picks and brought back these retired players:? related questions

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If a NBA team traded all their current players for future draft picks and brought back these retired players:?0magpie2012-10-04 05:19:09
players to play as they are now ( not hypothetical " at its best " ) , but as they are now able to play , how well do you think the team would do, they would make the playoffs and if so far you go . < Br > MedlinePlus Magic Johnson MedlinePlus Larry Bird MedlinePlus Isaiah Thomas MedlinePlus Charles Barkley MedlinePlus David Robinson MedlinePlus Hakeem Olajowan MedlinePlus Reggie Miller MedlinePlus Michael Jordan MedlinePlus Alex English MedlinePlus Chris Webber MedlinePlus John Stockton MedlinePlus Karl Malone MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say any team in the East or the West consists of the following 12 players on their roster next year in this current age . ( can work to get in shape , though) How do you think that would be making the playoffs , how far would they go?
Serious Question? When NBA Players get traded, do they report to the team the next day?1ComputerPal2012-11-03 16:34:01
or do they clean the house and hit there, the wife and children goodbye kiss and practice with the team ?
Why are NBA players allowed to sign back with the teams that traded them?1Varney2012-10-23 19:38:02
Why are players allowed to re-sign with the teams that negotiated after 30 days ? This looks suspicious and pre - planned . As a matter of fact, it is unfair to the other teams involved in the trade because a player who already knows he will not be there for long so they will do everything possible to get waived ...
Thoughts on Andrea Bargnani being traded to Dallas for 5 future draft picks?0tiffay2012-09-07 14:34:03
Jk . Real question is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is not " Chief McCormick " A complete DUMB **** B * TCHHEAD !
NBA Live 08 PC question:When using dynasty mode,when trading players, how com i cant see the salary of players0Naia2012-07-16 11:32:02
Because trading players on dynasty mode is one of the things i love to do. but for somehow on nba live 08 for pc, i cant find a button or anything to see the salary of players i want to trade, is there anyway you guys can help me?
What Day Are NFL Teams Allowed To Start Trading Players, Releasing Players, And Signing Free Agents In 2011?0Nicole E2012-07-26 22:03:02
-NHL-If you were the GM of your favorite team, what players would you go after to improve your team?5Lorraine2012-10-23 13:24:52
Therefore, you are the CEO of your computer. Your job is to make your team a Stanley Cup competitor , or to become a competitor of FIFA in the future. To do this, so players will sign / project? But be a little realistic. Therefore, I love nature , and this is what I would do : - Draft Morgan Rielly . Our greatest weakness is the offensive talent on the blue line . Morgan could help big time. - Signing Zach Parise . It would add more depth to score. And if you are injured like last season , Parise could enhance and maintain the equipment afloat.They already has a lot of young players who are soon to be called for the team, but a trade could also be in the mix . < Br > - Then I would sign players like Darren Powe minor which is very good on the death penalty - Josh Smith is a UFA, but I would like to see the young and talented Matt Hackett as the backup, with the hope that he would be the starting goalkeeper shortly.
Which of these nba players need to be on a different team to have success in the nba?1Jan Vosloo2012-11-05 04:43:01
Josh Smith - this guy has potential to be one of the best players from all over the statistics that fill in every catagory ... has the potential to score more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per game .... I think if he was a different team that would be more successful as an NBA player ... Atlanta can get something of value for him as a trade agreement ... I still have not had all star appearances MedlinePlus MedlinePlus JR Smith, not think I can go up to a level superstar Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups one on the team ... he is a great shooter and has great jumps .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Kevin Martain -i do not see it as being the main star , if he was on a team with stars like Kobe or lebran .. but I see it as a great goalscorer second option .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anthony Randolph - I think it will be one of the best fowards in the game if you have the time ... gets a lot of numbers to a person who had only limited minutes ... what kind of shit that could not compete with the other rookies for Rookie of the Year trophy and a place in the All-Star rookie ... thankz his stubborn coach Don Nelson MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Emeka Okafor - he did be changed today to New Orleans ... I think this will benefit you a lot ... he will be playing with the best manufacturer of game and someone who can feed him the ball low ... he's already been a double double player since coming into the league , I think we now have the opportunity to be one of the best centers in the NBA
Trading future draft picks in the NFL years in advance?1Eheheheheheh... Help?! :(2012-07-18 07:10:02
I just had a question where the answer is not really important , and it's just out of curiosity . I wonder how many years in the future can change their teams in the NFL draft. What I mean is, for example : Can a team trade a player for other teams, for example sixth round of selection for the next three years? Do teams do this ? and if so , do you have concrete examples. I looked online and could not find anything. Thank you.
NFL draft- does labor situation mean you can't trade future picks?0zeena2012-10-22 00:20:34
I learned this by an expert in the NFL mock drafts radio still some patriots say Minnesota would be changed first round next year ? One skilled in this? I know it can not be changed by a player , but a selection of the future ?
Future draft picks for the Warriors (please answer if you're a NBA or GSW buff)?0ayan2012-11-04 02:17:09
I read blogs and articles about the Warriors at least twice every two days, and many of them state that the Warriors don't have a 2011 or 2012 first round draft pick. Can someone please clear that up for me? I know they traded a conditional first round pick to New Jersey for Marcus Williams a few years back, and then ended up waiving him, but what exactly is a conditional first round pick? And again, please tell me why many of these articles state that we don't have a 2011 first round pick or 2012 first round pick. Thanks in advance. And by the way, since the lottery is in two days, who do you think the stars/superstars of this year's draft are? I'm hoping the Warriors get that 2nd pick so they can draft Turner and finally trade Monta. I'd be happy with Wall, Favors, Cousins, or Johnson, but I want Turner. Anyone after those five guys do not interest me.
How many fans are fed up with players being over-traded?0Birch2012-09-23 06:48:03
I was raised at the time, and I think the loyalty or the appearance that is important . So I propose that no player be traded either against their will or desire, more than twice in a period of five years , or something. This means NO MORE THAN ONE YEAR CONTRACT ROLE - ARE YOU NOW OR NOT A YANKEE - YOU CAN NOT BE A RED SOX every three years and come and go - You learn many things about your computer WITHIN THAT CAN BE SHARED WITH YOUR ENEMY . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think if a situation arose where another trade , one party ( the one who wanted to trade ) should have the rest of the player's contract was purchased and sit out the entire period , or the management or the player has to be satisfied with a longer desirable (established by the arbitration ) , with the next (or current ) equipment , or not signed . I'm sick of seeing every play major player in the team of his enemy as if loyalty means nothing . ( Jason Schmidt are a traitor ! ) Thoughts please

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