I can not get my money back through paypal refund? related questions

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I can not get my money back through paypal refund?0Alexis22012-10-03 17:12:09
The story goes like this: MedlinePlus We like to start our business by trading some mobile and export them to another country. Whereas when we contacted someone who had what he wanted, and that seemed true, sent the money through PayPal, which we felt safe. Coorporative was initially. But when he went on to say that the goods will be shipped the next day the next day ... and the next day we started our suspicion. After two weeks of sending the money, ask for money and I said ok. Meanwhile, PayPal filed a dispute, and then upgraded to a refund claim. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But it turned out that this man has no balance in your paypal account and disconnect all card or bank account with paypal. Paypal closed the case in our favor, but raised $ 0 for us! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We call paypal, and the lady said that froze his account and will do everything possible to raise the money. But for legal reasons, can not reveal the ways used to do that ..... not to say bad words, but this is totally useless .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone know is there any hope that PayPal can do that or how much to expect? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway we used cc and bank account to fund our paypal payment. Can we contact our company bank account to cc and make another disput with them? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We tried to contact him every day, and the guy stopped picking up the phone and answer emails since yesterday. It's $ 10k, and he is in Canada! (I'm in the U.S.) do not think I did! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need some suggestions: MedlinePlus The guy looked geniun at first, because we can track your information and there is no scam report with your name / email numbers / phone. And I can follow all your friends on Facebook, and also know your high school and college ..... Should I threaten to spread all that did test emails to your friends? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or should I call the police? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone, any suggestions will be worth $ 100! ! , Is 10K! God Bless America!
Camera lens of Chengdu **** limited company one 800 hind the requirement hits money to make a money in all 6200 even, I return money he says meeting refund did not see money from beginning to end I become aware be duped0Merli2012-07-22 08:30:02
I bought beautiful of Chengdu **** limited company can EF55-250 camera lens one 800 yuan, they say to hit money to deliver goods I was done again directly first, as a result they say a batch after 3 days 4, let my Fu Qi 4 money, ability can trade after, be over regressive 3 they push me 2400 other. I am illuminated did. They say to want to make sure safety of personnel of their deliver goods wants 3000 yuan to make deposit again after. Just can trade after trading immediately refund. I am illuminated did. Cannot trade again after, carry again rose cash pledge to want to fill to just can trade to 5000 cash pledge. I felt to be duped. Around makes money to account of the other side in all in all 6200. For a 800 yuan camera lens. The 2000 sign that did not see camera lens from beginning to end. I stopped to trade instantly. After they say the goods such as the meeting answers storehouse immediately refund. Tomorrow is the time that they go back. I was duped. Request, I am fraught.
Vermont Pure Hemp Cash Back and Refund Policy!02022-03-14 00:59:49
90 Days Money Back Guarantee!We are so certain about our items and administrations, that we back Vermont Pure Hemp CBD Oil with a multi day unconditional promise. On the off chance that under any condition you are not completely happy with our items, basically return the bought items in the first compartment in somewhere around 90 days of when you accepted your request. We will discount you 100 percent of the price tag - with positively no problem. Click here https://www.mynewsdesk.com/iexponet/pressreleases/vermont-pure-hemp-reviews-2022-ingredients-working-and-effectiveness-3168210 https://refund-policy.footeo.com/news/2022/03/14/why-vermont-pure-hemp-cbd-oil-so-much-popular-in-usa-now   https://working-naturally.clubeo.com/news/2022/03/14/vermont-pure-hemp-cbd-oil-vermont-pure-hemp-cbd-oil-natural  
Is it possible to downgrade my paypal account from "Business" back to "Premier" status?0Ula2012-08-17 15:00:30
How I can change it back so you can accept payments in my name not my business name?
I can not get a refund from the seller the money (I'm VIP buyer) Help me!3Alge2012-08-20 03:39:02
Order Number: 1004659147 The seller sends the packet to another city. I want my money. Help me !
Driving the back of the exam did not notice me now I finished all the canons of the driving school for 2 years you can get a refund0Piggy2012-07-26 13:07:01
Driving the back of the exam did not notice me now I finished all the canons of the driving school for 2 years you can get a refund
The seller does not provide the goods, and later agreed to a refund, but have been delayed 50 days with no refund, the two sides have a contract.1Chillie2012-05-29 00:41:23
Cangnan a factory of the company and on February 1, 2010 signed a contract for the purchase , full payment of the goods of February 3, 2010 payment, the factory according to the February 11 deliveries, the result has been delay delivery has been delayed to February 25 or not delivered, the past that did not match the original factory, and later repeated in our insistence , the goods they had to say no to our money back to us . The results did not return was postponed until Feb. 23 so far today has been a month of 20 days. Contract amount is only 4,200 yuan. The two parties have a contract, but also sealed. It is a fax. Please help how to deal with good people. Thank you.
Paypal gifted money please help?0Madison2012-09-03 06:54:03
Articles Im trading on a game called Team Fortress 2 for $ 200 cash . This man has already sent the money they gave me , but it says you have the funds if it was a gift that wouldent Say you have money . MedlinePlus I dont wanna fooled and I transferred the money to my bank account , but it takes 3-4 days pending right now and I heard u cant get money back if you do that is why I told Don she . I just want to make sure I can get more than once ****** i give items .
Did not use Paypal, a money exchange, "the seller" not how to do delivery? Can recover the money come?1gorilla2012-04-15 22:41:55
I am 12 this month, Ali here in the offer of a seller of fancy name, full of this store: large doll layer (Shenzhen) Sales Co., Ltd. Contact: Yuan one. I like the products, and spoke to him about the issue of payment, called directly to our account, not through the payment of a treasure. At that time were opposed, and asked why not through Paypal said it is the corporations that the goods to be friendly with the money they send an invoice after the note is sent to the ship can not you must pay first, and corporations need capital, unlike the self-employed, with the words can not Alipay rotation time, the pressure will be relatively large. In fact, both do not think he was doing, but it was his "sources" are attracted by the curious coincidence to believe him, but after a post-harvest, there is still a mind, only two with him to the layer, because did not refer to him before, do not worry another treasure without paying, the last executed a total of two layers of 320 dollars to your bank account transfer, the account number is 6228 ******* 1218, ABC, username Zhang Ying, Yuan said that one of your finances. I was raised to me said after the delivery and manifest my EMS number, so you can check the same day he said he did not know that gives me the next day, so the next day, I asked about the Internet, said that on the night. Another night I asked him when he flew off the assembly line. I realize I may be deceived, so call in the past, stop, call, incidentally, can not access, keep fighting, do not pick played the last beat of his own back, and after 14 years with me goods must be prepared to not think, and insisted that the number shown, said the Ministry of delivery in the afternoon to work with him is not at the same time, I said, you can call and say, oh , Ken insisted, he finally said that if not today, then come to me and then I hung up the phone. I was there a trace of imagination, I believe, thinking that a good man in this world, after all, many innocent people should not, who knows one day or anything (I was in Guangxi, and Shenzhen, not far from here, to express the general power to 3 days). To wait until today, I came to your mobile phone (1501 **** 478) is off all day, online has gone forever. I want my money has been that the probabilities. I want to ask a situation that could get my money up, but only 300 units, but they are all hard-earned money! ! ! It is able to retrieve it, the discussion Xiangshui? Why not let Ali through the verification of any fraud in the free online publishing false information to deceive people hard earned money? !
is it safe to sent money with paypal to these seller3Debbie2012-11-02 19:42:02
I decide to buy glass beads TRADING COMPANY company Yiyu Yiyuan . Tobay I received the message : Please send payment to our PayPal yiwu137163.com After payment, please let me know. Most importantly , do not forget to send me your exact address and phone number . order
Forex Trading in US that supports Paypal money?1chachis2012-08-11 23:45:39
looking for a forex trading site that supports US citizens as well as paypal money. Thanks
Excuse me I had affirmed to after getting money, make retreating I give refund again after goods with businessman connection again0Danette2012-07-16 07:54:02
Sorry I had said that after getting money, give refunds to reverse again after the goods with new business connection

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