Jay "Golden Flower" shape alleged "plagiarism" Doraemon (Figure)

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Jay "Golden Flower " is of course "plagiarism " Doraemon (Figure), directed by Zhang Yimou , starring Jay Chou movie " The Curse of the Golden Flower " is about to launch in December , after another exposure of the frames films. Recently, some netizens said Jay dressed in costume dressed as " Two Princes" of the classical style on suspicion of " plagiarism" , but the object of imitation is not a real person, but Doraemon film , " Nobita is King sun, the words " warrior style! Jay played the " second son " , weighing 46 kg shirt , texture and weight of both, but users play KUSO creativity , sensitivity, said a very popular wit that " copy" , and have no new ideas. Jay Chou to film in the " second son " Modeling and Viking in the "Legend of the Sun King " -style samurai armor of two head and body , hands , spears, and then would be that the serious expression on face, live action version is simply the best and the cartoon version of the control group . Besides the differences between the two in the body , other parts of the similarity of 90 %, so that users beautiful " , laughed fruit" is hilarious , and praising most creative imitation is the story of the series. In addition to the style of Jay goes back to " copy" , there are also users of the new album, Jolin said , " dancers " on the back on the floor showing pictures of the United States, and the comic "Crayon ," the weeping mother the ground they look exactly alike, but similar between the only two positions , the other party is very different. [ Em13 ] 63e90d0e380822e6578f400822980985.jpg (0 bytes): 02007 - download 1-4 11:48
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