Nuojiya series of mobile phone N and E series the sort of good

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The advantage of these two types of sets and detailed failure ie dry
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The individual thinks that the number N wants best of the series E: They face a multitude of business issues facing the smartphone user of the company, basically challenge with BlackBerry and other mobile phone of.N not photograph in the series resembles head: N (NokiaNseries) series is the deviation of machine intelligence Nuojiya high-end retirement homes. Youth is a flock of fashion looks expensive and smartphone development. Terminal is Nuojiya media intelligence that binds to the fixed position of fashion, the role of business matters. On behalf of his future develops the tide. An original N-Gage, with relatively the brand that English pronunciation moving the English letter of feeling and easily able to read aloud with fluency are considered. Although N-Gage is not correct, but its meaning is very large, is the first mobile phone game for real. The N series is its being later as the name of a feature with two digits the word after the addition of N: N70, N76, N80, N90, N91, N93, N95, N96, N73, is high-end smartphone S60v3 operating system used for most front, love for the famous person. Nuojiya N series 27 April 2005 11: 30CET (Beijing time you make an appointment with 17:30), held nuojiya the problem with the actual dimensions of being "SeeNew, hearNew, feelNow" Amsterdam is in Holland, and other parts of China in Hong Kong include N90 is released (to use 352 × 416 of the new standard screen resolution S60 system to resemble the elements), N91 (ie before early reporting within buy 4 GB hard drive small mobile phone element of music is similar to two million) with the N70 (the smallest 3G is based on the number of smartphones series 60) within 3 brand new N set the new machine (it based on the intelligence system and network SymbianS60 WCDMA3G) in its entirety, change the name of Nokia mobile phone model in the history of a few words 10 years with 4 digits in the past! These machines have 3 new serves to show the history of the port that day with the director of what kind! The function N series mobile phones abound Nuojiya combines elegant design, practical to use the terminal, the product mix change initiated new generation. All N series products support Nuojiya the image of quality movies and high quality printing films. In addition, the number N of terminals Nuojiya returned to take music as rich as the memory of the discharge into the sky, GB high-capacity, stereo sound effect to the user experience. The N series mobile phones defender media experience sound that brings image according to a user hit the superlative degree namely the 3 hardware products to set strong upper 3G, Carl? Cai department lens of the camera, the small hard disk of a few GB, HSV type it can be seen in the video and WLAN, nuojiyadi acted as the place for the person running on the hardware configuration, this gives set always impressive and the famous Samsung with the product, the manufacturer like LG has the enormous challenge. Brand-new issue of the N series mobile phones mobile digital media mix is ​​brand new and a sleeve in the introduction of the mobile user's hand. The user needs a terminal to do all kinds of companies now only if the film can be used in high-quality printed image, take read email, music appreciation, liked to watch the website, watch mobile TV still further. Terminal N series of multimedia uses Nuojiya stainless steel exterior finish, pearl black color is concise and as fluid as collocation silver. The media of the Internet browser of the big screen color display, HTML and shed work for Nuojiya Nseries handset can receive information on entertainment, news and other information anytime, anywhere. Nseries Nuojiya still supports email in real time making accessories (PushEmail) the government to implement the function of what awaits a variety of promotion efficiency, can help a user balance work and individual life. Nuojiya covers PC application and a variety of joining the media also play music, image, video and data management application of the medium may be between the PC and the mobile application is relaxed and synchronously. Nseries is based on Series 60 platform Nuojiya smartphone, the user can choose at will from within a variety of applications 3000, the product that unites them is the new function. Communication function is all rich Nuojiya undoubtedly the core of the Nokia Nseries terminal, including the voice in speech to communicate, you can inspect two-way call, video sharing with a variety of media. N70 refers to Nuojiya Nseries Nuojiya as the first product series, Nuojiya 2005 N70 horizontal sky is born the arrival of the new mobile phone was indicative, new N series product is the form of development that is not wine Nuojiya, Mobile Phone ahead, it is important that the development of the multimedia terminal intelligence is a rhythm stridden. N70 as a product of the series flagship Nseries Nuojiya generation, we can say is Nuojiya a product of fashion, function, business is located the more perfect union, the weight of the dough into three dimensions of 108, 8 × 53 × 21.8mm and 126g, suit business matters much character to use. 2.1 inches 260 × 176 000 208 lubricant resembles the TFT element, because the operating system and platform adopted Symbian8.1a Software Series 60 of the second edition, add ARM220MHz powerful processor, confidential intelligence S60 is rare before it is not matter, is by comparing the function or the travel speed accordingly many. The video capability with sound remarkable mobile phone image of a natural high end is no longer under the word, n70 Nuojiya current uses of an item of similar CMOS 2 million is photographed like the head, shooting the capacity is returned to perfection, photography is more automatic than the support, but still be defeated to prepare a bit for the function of the product forward. Respect to the memory of N70 promoted the standard 20 MB, you can save by holding RS-MMC is responsible for the expansion, but the appearance of field travel accident all becomes a bit slow, respect for the rate response is still rising. Blue tooth is transmitted Nuojiya was comfortable and the standard high-end mobile phone, the N70 is more
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