Would you say this man represent wall street sociopaths,well?

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zoe xx
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"" "" "Charles Francis Flynn - known in his neighborhood, simply, Charlie is a 20th century American criminal Charles was born in May 1946 in Brooklyn, New York .. Standing 6'3" With a slim build, dark brown hair and green eyes Irish. Flynn was first arrested at the age of 17 in 1963 to a drug arrest and continued his downward spiral from there. Flynn began working with a guy on the west side of Manhattan and was drafted into the U.S. Army at the age of 21 in the summer of 1967, Flynn did not like and was considered "too good for the military," Flynn, however received little mercy on his father, a veteran of D-Day and the Army. Flynn was sent to the jungles of Vietnam in September of that year and fought in combat during the 1968 Tet offensive. Flynn was honorably discharged in 1969, despite his superiors noting Flynn as "the celebration of a profound contempt for authority figures." After returning to civilian life, drug use Flynn became a serious problem. Flynn lived with his parents for several years around 1977, his father found him a job in a small company of steel that was headquartered in the World Trade Center, Flynn said as commodity trader. In 1981 Flynn was arrested for insider trading and served fourteen months in federal prison, after release Flynn realized he had lost his job, this infuriated Flynn. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In 1983, at age 37, Flynn moved with her parents and younger sister. It was then he began to Flynn created a new company, while the SEC was investigating him. Flynn finally agreed to pay a fine, in addition to being excluded from trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1988, Flynn used several aliases, including Mark Rose. MedlinePlus In an attempt to use the Catholic Church to discourage questions of legitimacy, Flynn founded the St. Francis Foundation in the British Virgin Islands, with a nominal mission of investing in insurance companies to fund hospitals. Among those who applied to join the board of the Foundation was retired CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite, when he refused to participate, his name was used anyway.An official of the Roman Curia, Monsignor Emilio Colagiovanni, agreed to sign a letter stating falsely that the Foundation received funding from the Vatican. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In November 1993, Flynn illegal antics had reached him and he was under serious investigation by the FBI for fraud on the government, tax evasion, wire fraud and several other crimes. Around this time, long and devout Catholic girlfriend Cara Kelly Flynn threatened to deliver, due to the use of the name of churches in vain, after Flynn tried to convince her and she refused, Flynn brutally stabbed at least thirty times and Connecticut put his compound on fire with her in it, trying to destroy any paper trail. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Flynn quickly fled to his ancestral homeland, and a small town full of medieval castles, Kilkenny, Ireland. Flynn made several connections with like-minded people, and even a distant cousin. In March 1995, Flynn was warned that the U.S. government and Irish officials had an agreement in place to arrest and extradite Flynn quickly back to New York. Flynn fled to Canada, where he remained in Quebec until January 1996 and crossed the border into upstate New York. Flynn found himself living in a small mountain town in Vermont for much of the year. Flynn was considered an extremely dangerous fugitive, combat trained, nothing to lose and was known to carry a large arsenal of weapons. The officials had to be extremely cautious. On October 10, 1996, Flynn was captured during an early morning raid in the log cabin he was staying in, Flynn fought and was armed and had to be forced to wear a mask and shackles BBQ spit and kick because agents. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Flynn refused to talk to officials during interrogation and made many racist comments to an African American corrections officer. Flynn was likely to face a life sentence, the only debate was to keep him in state or federal prison. At the hearing of Flynn, appeared before Federal Judge verbal abuse, calling the judge a "fat f ***" and "homo". In early 1999, Flynn was convicted of all charges and is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado Super-max prison in Florence. "" ""
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I'm just above the poverty line in terms of finances are a concern so I can ensure that you do not give a rat's behind about Wall Street . :)
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