Why do people love free trade when it allows American corporations to exploit people for their resources? related questions

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Why do people love free trade when it allows American corporations to exploit people for their resources?0Tony KC2012-10-01 11:27:03
America moves southward global indigenious pay people 10 cents an hour ( if you are lucky ) in horrible working conditions, working 18 days hr , or environmental standards . But Americans love their products cheap and do not care about the innocent children in poverty , or simply do not know. NAFTA and CAFTA were bad . United States and other industrialized reosurces natural extract from the global south leaving them in poverty, while the United States remains super rich . 1/5 people living in them for a dollar a day and half live on less than $ 2 a day . This is another example of right wing ignorance ignorant f .
Why do so many people blame NAFTA - the NORTH AMERICAN free trade agreement with the China trade imbalance?3Jay2012-10-26 01:28:01
China is not in North America . Our trade balance with Canada and Mexico are close to balanced and could be considered favorable to the U.S. taking into account our main exports are machinery NAFTA and services and our main products imported from NAFTA are oil.
ife of three people,ife of three people One man said that life is to find love in the process0 집합 단수명사 2012-07-06 01:15:02
each person must find three people in life. BR BR The first is the person you love
Since corporations are people would buying and selling them be considered slave trading ?5Trac2012-10-12 22:20:02
Since companies are buying and selling people is considered the slave trade?
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Why do people call it free trade, when its slave labour?1sb2012-09-06 03:52:06
its like people forget about african blood diamonds and chinese kids making your shoes. you call out countrys for slavery, but dont call out places like the piliphines israel and places where you find slave labour who are called allies to the country we living in.
In a 8 way MLB fantasy league what happens if 3 people vote for the trade and then three people are against?0 인사2012-07-20 19:33:02
does the trade still go through?
What are the long term consequences of Free Trade on low skill labor and low intelligence people?1Oma2012-10-19 20:58:02
I've heard that most of the arguments for and against free trade, but I have yet to see an article or a particular study that shows what happened to the unskilled labor when moving abroad. I hear Milton Friedman in one of his videos that indicate something along the line of low-skilled labor in the manufacturing industry moved overseas labor is replaced by low-skilled work differently in more sophisticated industries here in the U.S.. Is that a fact or just an illusion? Because I do not see how it follows that the low-skilled labor out of the U.S. necessarily be replaced by labor unskilled different? In fact, the opposite seems to be true for the increasingly sophisticated industries also thrive towards a more efficient workforce. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think there is some historical basis to it. When that left blacks unskilled agricultural labor in the south in search of manufacturing jobs in the north were released later as the industrial revolution ushered in the technological revolution that demanded more specialized labor and labor required lower throughout. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus While moving Free Trade unskilled labor at a higher rate than it is replenished, what is the future outlook for the U.S., with an average of 100 IQ and 115 IQ lower when it need for basic college work? Intelligence, especially an innate quality, seems to be ignored in the predictions of the well-intentioned. For example, Milton Friedman used India as an illustration for the failure of socialism contrasting against Japan after World War II that took the capitalist approach. While it is possible that India would have been better for herself had pursued too much capitalism, India has an average IQ of 85 to 105, while Japan has one of the highest average IQ in the word. Ignoring this fact when making economic predictions seems naive. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally, if the above is accurate, eliminating free trade in the U.S., while undoubtedly bad for the rest of the world, will create a national closed economy that require the use of low-skilled workers Smart lower. While this will be bad for some consumers is this better for the country in general? One positive thing I can see is that wages in all sectors is of course determined by supply and demand, which will be more accurate and efficient government subsidies and trade unions. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Even Milton Friedman had said that he believes the U.S. is large enough for your independent economy. What would an economy as? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?
What are some majors for people who love to travel?1Danasia2012-08-19 10:18:03
I am currently a Finance major with a minor alien language .. and I love to travel .. There is another school with an international trade and finance major here in Louisiana, but I do not know what to do .. Help ?
Is Mexico is a great Nation that share borders, history, people, free trade agreements & much more with USA?3Angela2012-10-13 20:43:01
Americans know , we all know Mexico is the best ally of the U.S. Hispanic ! ! But what about you? What is your country? What do you know ORK national policies of the U.S.?
American History Help!!!! PlZ insight people help!!!?3nikkie2015-10-30 23:57:32
1. What was President Harding
To people who love God ,could you give me your idea about this poem?0emfn2012-10-15 00:32:55
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