Can I get the post office thief?

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Ok heres my problem .. Some time ago I got my T - MAXX for sale on this web site Rc . An email from guy asked me if I would change by a plane. Looking at the plane that sounded like a good idea. So they agreed to send at the same time . This man lives in Canada . So he reads your email to sound as if I sent the plane , so I went to my truck and shipped USPS . I sent him a photo of the receipt and showed you sent and I was not starting, so I asked to see his. Then he responds with , I'm hoping to send it until you receive your package ! So now fast forward to today's date , the truck has not arrived home yet. ( to my knowledge ) If you get the truck and then decide you do not want more, and want to send it back to me .. If I had to pay for shipping ? I do not think I should. What if he says he will not send it back to me , if I have to pay? I can call the police in Canada and say you stole ? What are my options to get this guy back ? As much as I love to visit Canada , I have no desire to drive a QB to recover .

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