Why do open ForEx trades close automatically when internet Disconnects or when they reach -$2000 in losses? related questions

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Why do open ForEx trades close automatically when internet Disconnects or when they reach -$2000 in losses?0Illie V.(:2012-09-30 01:16:02
I am using Interbank FX trading platform and has been using a demo account to test these errors I've been getting . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Stop loss is not active . During off , open shops near to any value found . If left open for a few hours the loss of operation for a self- closing loss. The market was still open for all these tests . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So , anyone have any ideas?
If you trade 1 billion EUR/USD in forex, would it open and close the position quickly?0Niara2012-09-13 07:48:05
How long does it usually take an average market to open a business of that size , from the time you press the button to open the position to the open position feedback ? I just want to know if it would take milliseconds or seconds or minutes . I mean to open a position in active forex hours (13:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT ) from the superposition of London and New York . One last thing , I'm not a millionaire , I'm just asking this question for information, and I would get serious answers please. MedlinePlus Thank you !
How can I get the previous day's open, close, high, low for any pair of currency to trade forex?3TAWNY2012-11-02 00:31:02
I would use this information to calculate my pivot point , support and resistance .
Option trading in Scottrade - difference between "buy to open, buy to close, sell to close, and sell to open"0TO: Reiny2012-08-20 13:15:02
I would try to invest in options, but ask me if I want to " buy to open, close buy , sell to open , close and sell " . Which basically means " keep the option until maturity , and automatically sell it ? " (Assuming you make money , of course ) by jargon , planned to sell to open , but I guess that's why I 'm asking . What I can use open option where I do not want to buy the common stock when it expires ?
Options trading. whats the diff. between buy to open and buy to close also, sell to open and sell to close ???0DD2012-10-05 03:15:48
Options Trading . what is the diff. between buying to open and close also buy , sell and sell to open to close ? ? ?
Can I deduct capital losses in FOREX trading just like losses in stocks ?1aksharta2012-09-12 21:53:03
If I make the loss of reserves , I can set up my salary 3000 USD . I can do the same if I lost in the forex market ?
How trading sessions like london open/close, us open/close and other trading sessions move currencies?0Japan has been 'thinking 2012-10-25 01:57:18
How many negotiating sessions as London open / close , opens / closes and other negotiating sessions currencies move higher or lower. As if London is opened then what would be the result and the way eur / usd wil go higher or lower
What makes discharge completely? Be handle machine is used close recharge automatically?0larrial2012-09-24 20:36:02
What makes the download completely ? Be handle machine is used near automatically reload ?
Why does the computer of my friend play game to you can close automatically machine? ? Which tall person gives directions? ?0Linta2012-07-09 16:07:01
We appreciate your attention! !
My hard disk cannot be opened show above ~ broadcast automatically! Click right key to choose to open ability to be able to open disk ~ to consult ace this is virus! ! !1Norbert2012-01-29 04:55:11
My hard disk can not be opened over broadcast automatically show ~! Right click to choose to open the ability to open the disk ~ as to refer to this is the virus! ! !
After the software that why has installed in Internet bar download restarts through computer was deleted automatically? How can you avoid?1Pace2012-02-03 06:19:25
After you have installed the software on which the bar is reset Internet download via computer has been removed automatically? How do you avoid?
My V3 just bought 3 months how to telephone close automatically machine rise again machine! ! Receive a short message also so appearance! Ask ace to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !1Georg2012-02-03 21:16:51
My V3 just bought 3 months how telephone close automatically increase the machine machine again ! ! The wireless switches on the mobile phone will receive a short message also for the look ! Normal when the little one! ! Inquire as to tell! ! ! ! ! ! !

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