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Do you think in the end Knicks may have set up Knicks fans for a disappointment?0sw2012-09-29 08:30:02
I think with the Shaq trade and trade Jamison to the Cavs are pretty much a lock to win it this year or next year and possibly two in the next 3 years. Therefore, I do not think Lebron is going to New York because he knows he has a better chance of winning now in Cleveland and is already the most hyped basketball player . It would also have an opportunity to do something Kobe and MJ never did make a dynasty is a small market team . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It would be very difficult for the Knicks to acquire D - Wade and Chris Bosh or Stoudemire and probably would be catastrophic to have two scoring guards both depend touches in the backcourt and Bosh , a 20-point scorer . Best think the Knicks could get would be D - Wade and Boozer Boozer and Johnson or less McGrady decided to become a third option scoring 16-18 points per game and focus on playing the best perimeter player . Moreover, even with D - Wade and Boozer still do not think it would be better than the Cavs or Celtics next year , as it would be able to sign just good role players including the Celtics need big play Cassell , Posey , House , Powe and though rondo had KG , Allen , Pierce .
Fellow Knicks fans do you dislike Jeremy Lin fans also?0*Thara*2012-09-22 21:29:04
I like and appreciate the time J.Lin ' s in New York . But he has a lot of flaws and giant big enough to merit a 3 year contract backloaded $ 28 thousand . You can not shoot well , too ball dominant as pg to work well in a system based not - pg , can not go to the left and to the pressure you need help making ball on the floor even as pg . The guard can not absolutely anyone either . Any fan of the Knicks will tell James Dolan is the biggest bastard always have a team . I do not know if he heard or his temper really did something right for once , but I'm glad that lin leylt go . Knicks fans remember signing Jerome James had the 11 best games of his life in the playoffs his last years in Seattle . Dolan and company. given a year 5 / $ 30 million contract that includes a player option and not a team option so it is impossible to change for a long time . After spending years paying stupid and Larry Brown for a period of 5 years after being fired and still coach in the NBA in Charlotte has poor decision making with all his millions . The fact that he has the money and loaded w ny no means to deposit in it a sense of play 9.
Do you think Knicks fans will be crushed this offseason when they don't get Lebron?0NeedHelpMath2012-10-16 16:14:14
I still believe Cleveland , Chicago and New Jersey have a better chance of getting Lebron to the Knicks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If Cleveland were able to keep Varejao , Williams , Parker , Moon and remove a sample and trade for Stoudemire or Bosh , I think would be the best team and Lebron will be there . They also have enough money to add a great defensive center like Chandler and very likely improve if they get Byron Scott or Avery Johnson . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chicago Lebron could give more than New York . He could play alongside Chris Bosh in a sign and trade and still make a lot of money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus New Jersey is still a good option . If you have him and Bosh with Lopez and Harris and Scott would be coaching a team ready to win next year or the year after that. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not think that would be stupid enough to go to the Knicks in New . Idea of him going to the Knicks is a media frenzy . Knicks do not have a good or excellent basis defensive center that allows you to win even with Chris Bosh . Your bank is also bad . Cleveland , Chicago and New Jersey will give you a better chance to win in two years and building a long term dynasty. You can even do both in Chicago and New Jersey, as you would in New York .
Did the Knicks and their fans benefit the most from the Lakers getting Steve Nash?0Godfred2012-11-04 19:41:57
Even though Nash's one of my favorite player, I'm glad he went to LA. Now, Dolan's incompetence can't trade the 22 year old Shumpert for him, our only other above average defensive player besides Chandler. Extra Question: Is Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant the best back court in the NBA? Easily my personal favorite.
Why should the Knicks go after CP3?1KHaliunaa2012-10-11 17:26:02
CP3 has digressed, is not the same player since the injury. Yes, he remains an excellent playmaker. But he lost much of its speed due to injury and attack the rim like he used and forces up more shots lately. His fg% have had problems. Even this year when he had more offensive players than it has been used in the number of years until their average GPA has dropped. He has had many games last season when held at 10 points and 4 assists. He was also exceeded by average players will not get any better as Jose Calderon, and talented young inexperienced players like Toney Douglas. In fact, Raymond Felton and Toney Douglas topped both the CP3, when the Knicks played in 2 wins Knicks. Felton - 6/13, 17 pts, 13 AST Paul - 4/9, 17 pts, 10 AST Douglas (vs. / an injured Billups) - 10/13, 24 pts, 5 AST Paul - 2/9, 4 pts, 10 AST In the match against Calderon ... The Raptors as bad as they were able to beat NOH. Calderon - 7/10, 22 pts, 16 rbs, 7 AST Paul - 3/10, 7 points, 5 AST Just because he had a very good series against LA guarded by a defender D.Fish slow does not mean that CP3 did not have another year off. Just because he's a marquee name and a FA does not mean that people should forget about things. We, the Knicks have a former Finals MVP Billups, who in 2009 made playoffs March 9 to 30 points in the CP3. Billups after the trade for us before he was injured in the D.Will reduced by 33 and scored 18 points in a single trim against the Cavs. All in one w team standing Melo and statistics as options before him. Yes, is not a preferred option to run Mike D ball style, but CP3 and Melo does not fit well. Melo likes Billups iso ball and knows how to feed her. Melo does not want to play uptempo constant. I think the Knicks should focus on bringing back the Knicks Jamal Crawford. Then maybe bringing back either Gallinari or Chandler back to the Knicks next year. We must also continue to expand the areas of Douglas and the game because they have a bright future ahead of them. And try to drive the growth of the games of our projects in Jerome Jordan, Iman Shumpert, and Josh Harrellson. We also need a defensive mentality of C that can be run in transition and score when needed as well, and compliments where no Amar'e - defense and tables. Someone like Dalembert. You can also try to bring back Nazr Mohammed and Kurt Thomas back to the Knicks. Trying to stack his team with superstars doing their best team. I'd rather have a team stacked with great talent and depth greater than 3. We have 3 large pieces and some promising now just expanded on them. The Mavs piled up their list last year were very deep and look what they did beat a team of 3 with an inconsistent and unreliable delivery of support.
Will the knicks ever be good again?3Cmoney2012-09-09 00:21:02
In the past 10 years , the Knicks were terrible launch multimillion-dollar contracts to Stephon Marbury, Eddy Curry trade , giving Amar'e a contract of $ 100 million . Do the Knicks have a future or going to the Nets in Brooklyn New York to take charge of Basketball ?
What should the knicks do during the NBA Draft?3tessy2012-10-24 16:38:02
Will they trade up ? MedlinePlus The chances of getting Jerryd Bayless or Eric Gordon ? How about this trade with Portland , and that is to try the most likely pick 13th ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Portland -13 selection MedlinePlus MedlinePlus New York - David Lee , Renaldo Balkman and a protected future first round pick
Would the knicks have been better off not trading for melo?1REINY PLEASE HELP ME!2012-08-27 06:59:02
I think it would . they lost again tonight because I can not play with Melo Amare . Raymond Felton amare Galo Wilson Chandler and Turiaf would have been better then from 5 now. What do you think ?
Will the knicks trade for tmac?0Ola2012-08-06 21:25:45
would take Jared Jeffries , Hughes and possibly Duhon or an SUV or a future second package of TMAC Nate and Jeffries and a future first but I doubt the Knicks would deal Duhon unless you add a good pg in the draft to do more than look ne hell back up if you swim disappeared
Better offseason plan for the Knicks?3Joelseph2012-07-31 10:06:55
1) Re-sign Lin, Novak, and Fields. 2) Bring Back Jared Jefferies- I know he gets injured a lot but he is a great player when he's not. 3) Draft a guard, someone that can come off the bench, like Scoop Jardine. 4) Ask Woodson to stay, if he denies, which is highly unlikely, throw money at either Stan Van Gundy or Phil Jackson, as other teams are also. 5) Find a veteran PG, that can guide Lin to success. Forget Davis, he is not going to be back. Someone like Keyon Dooling or Andre Miller. Or if you want to go with someone that will end there years pretty soon, go for Jason Kidd or Steve Nash. 6) Sign a SG, someone like Jason Terry, Shannon Brown, OJ Mayo, Ray Allen, or Leonardo Barbosa. 7) Try and trade for Demar Derozan, I understand this is very unlikely, but this is a great opportunity to get young talent.Or, go the veteran way for LaMarcus Aldridge. Actually, Aldridge for Stoudemire is a great trade if you ask me, it is a great way to get rid of Amare, but, i doubt the blazers will want STAT. 8) Waive useless contracts, such as Mike Bibby, and Dan Gadzuric. I honestly like Harrelson, he's a decent PF, has a pretty good jump shot and a great post man. As for Jerome Jordan, he didn't play much as a rookie, but I see potential to be the backup for Chandler. 9) Get rid of JR Smith, he's useless, he has had great games, but mostly terrible.
Knicks roster future?0Joselyn2012-08-01 12:35:54
Do you think the Knicks will have big changes in the rotation this summer? I heard that Steve Novak , JR Smith, and Baron Davis could leave all this summer. I really want everyone to stay , if they do the team will be very good next season with Lin running the point all season, and everybody to get used to each other in training camps . What do you think the Knicks make any major operations ? I have also heard rumors of possible Stoudemire and Anthony. Im a big fan just curious , please answer :)
How can the knicks improve this offseason?1Katy Marshall2012-09-29 05:48:03
MedlinePlus PROJECT do not have a 1st round pick this year ( as always ) . There is too much talent coming out this year for us not to have one . So what I feel is the best thing would be to trade Amare someone with talent and much less an SUV first to a computer with a peak in the middle of the table , as one of Milwaukee . This is basically an SUV Amare for first. MedlinePlus The basis SITUATION MedlinePlus Well , we have a total of five point guards in the list . ( Shumpert , Lin , Davis , Bibby and Douglas ) Shumpert is the guard of the future , so it stays . I feel Lin is disposable . So we should make a sign and trade for him . Race Davis finished with patella injury that he suffered in the playoffs . Bibby is not re - signed and Douglas is just going to be the 12th man . MedlinePlus NO team chemistry MedlinePlus Melo , Tyson , Amare , lin are not a good option . Lin and Tyson are great together . If the office decides Knicks Amare not get rid of and instead of bringing Nash , has two great combos ( Lin and Tyson , Nash & Amare ) But that leaves Melo , you need your own computer. MedlinePlus WHAT Our line would look like if the Knicks MedlinePlus DO RIGHT MOVES PG - Nash MedlinePlus SG - Lin MedlinePlus SF - Melo ( to be moved , but no one wants ) MedlinePlus PF - Amare MedlinePlus C - Tyson MedlinePlus 6 ° Shumpert

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