I dig out the PayPal payment when a thing. . ? What is

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Check out the shopping center payment information : Zhejiang Alipay Network Technology Co. , Ltd. Order No. : 120060916200609160772006718338 order total : 80.00 yuan payment card number : 9558820200015260138 Please enter the password below shows the location of card password : (learn electronic banking cards Internet passwords ) , Banking password : Please enter the verification code on the right : how after finishing out. . . Card password, please contact the business What do you meanah abnormal. . . ? ? ? ? ?
Answer1CyriAnswered at 2012-02-09 00:57:24
This must be the treasure of their balance of payments is not enough, then in the case of Internet banking in the Delta. However, this situation makes you a little puzzled, because the delta , the line should be working on the site, this bit is not clear. And you should not put this question also have your card number on it , remember the words after the fight , but also the middle of it get a number of * few, or unsafe. However, the ICBC has a special magic for sure is, that is usbkey certificate authentication , you buy a bar , very safe.
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