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Find all these things about the United States of America.......................0karanzala2012-09-27 16:39:02
Official Name of Country MedlinePlus Popular Name of MedlinePlus Country Capital City MedlinePlus Administrative divisions MedlinePlus MedlinePlus other major cities MedlinePlus Area MedlinePlus limits Landforms / Land MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Water Bodies climate MedlinePlus Natural Resources MedlinePlus Land Use Environmental Issues / Natural Hazards population MedlinePlus language MedlinePlus religion MedlinePlus Life expectancy MedlinePlus literacy MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GDP GDP per capita MedlinePlus MedlinePlus industry agriculture MedlinePlus Exports MedlinePlus Imports MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Trade Balance Currency / Exchange Rate
My prediction on how the United States of America will fall: Is it possible?0pauleen2012-10-27 03:49:44
It will begin with a pandemic ... A single disease, but striking will spread across the country. Some will die, some are still weak. Because such a large population of people requiring medical care, hospitals will begin to see only a limited number of patients per day. Jobs will be suspended indefinitely (as people will not be able to work during treatment) ... Over time, the inactive population increase. Economic classes will be more recognizable. The rich and the poor - very little in between. When these patients, homeless citizens, are common agitated maybe even half a year, someone will join. Someone will tell them exactly what they want to hear: "It's not your fault >". They blame illegal immigrants ... Van ordinary way Muslim men and women as terrorists, ordinary men and women Mexicans and foreigners stealing jobs ... And for those who see the folly in this is referred to as "radical". 'Sympethizer unpatriotic is ... With the power of the NDAA, all those opposed to the government will be silenced ... In extreme times, people agree with extreme ideas. When you are going to do anything for food, nothing sounds like a good plan. So the police, the military and the people who have been manipulated - they will attack the "rebels". A civil war will ensue. The price of the dollar declines, the disease has spread patriotism and nationalism will become ... Racism ... Totalitarianism ... When our economy does not work, we will bring other countries down with us. And the war will begin. The real war. The world war. And when ... Heck, if this country recover. If someone recovers, the U.S. takes the authoritarian styles of martial law that had been made before World War. The districts are divided areas. Rights do not exist. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The cause of the disease: Winter in various fields has been virtually nonexistent. There will be a lot of mosquitoes, ticks, parasites anyway - but only in one area. Perhaps a brutal flu going to become more advanced disease. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The cause of the economic downturn: job loss, minimal labor, population fluctuation ... All spark induced MedlinePlus earlier and more obvious before it. MedlinePlus The cause of the civil war: dignity too safe ... Guilt, guilt, guilt. And the desire to be recognized as correct .. There will fascists, activists, military ... The animosity. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The cause of the world war: racism, isolationism and martial law in the U.S. Mexico will be removed in the skirmish. The economic downturn will lead to other trading countries suffer. Then, when everyone hates somebody will attack.
Is The United States of America the Great Babylon described in Revelation 18?2collective proper noun ADJ 2012-10-25 00:32:02
After reading the Scripture with their comments , what do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " Writing is in qoutes " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. " And I heard another voice from heaven , saying, Come out of her, my people , lest you share in her sins , and that ye receive not of her plagues . " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus one . The children of Abraham will be among the people of Babylon the Great . This is logical because we find great trade and banking , we might expect to find Jews , and these are the people that are addressed in this verse . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus b. The U.S. has more Jews than any other nation
United states of America the biggest consumer of crude oil. How much does it cost them just to print dollars.?1Eri2012-08-19 15:02:02
to buy crude oil. Isn't it unfair. this is how US is becoming richer and other countries struggle to survive and go into debt. this is US' plan to rule the world. I have never seen a selfish country like US. Why the hell we have to buy dollar first to buy crude oil from middle east. Saddam Hussain wanted crude oil to be traded in their own currency, so they killed him. Anybody who comes in the way of US will be killed. What the f u c k. What is your take on this?
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute!1E, clenched multitudinous -2012-03-30 19:26:14
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute !
How do I find TOYOTAHIACE VAN USA from United States?1Demonlord 2012-06-21 03:50:56
How do I find nightlightxtc from United States?1chaffinch2011-12-30 22:44:31
How do I find iodine plus from United States?1Chris2011-12-30 22:05:17
-2 iodineplus
How do I find us116289658 from United States?2Ruth2011-12-31 03:18:15
How I can find us116289658 United States ?
How do I find BestShareGreenTeaOriginalSlimmingDietTeaFunSlim from United States?0petie2012-07-27 01:10:02
How I can find BestShareGreenTeaOriginalSlimmingDietTeaFunSlim U.S. ?
How do I find cars from usa from United States?2Kindergarten ↘ 2012-04-29 02:18:01
How I can find U.S. car U.S. ?
How do I find pc tablets from United States?1haylo2012-07-10 21:00:03
looking for quality pc tablets with paypal payment method also with min order quantity of 1. thank you

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