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What do u no about the essence of e-commerce,hardware n software background of e-commerce?0sharla2012-08-31 13:26:04
the impotance of electronic commerce on the management of commercial business competitiveness
What is E-Commerce and what are three benefits to an organization when trading with E-Commerce?0Dude really2012-07-13 07:29:01
Can anyone tell me what e-commerce is and what is ment by mail commerece . So are the three main benefits of trading with E -commerce
I e-commerce1Holda2012-02-08 22:16:32
E-commerce novice. Although born in the profession may be, after all, no experience. Think about when looking for work in electronic commerce. But what really seemed like a loss. Our company is engaged in the broadcasting industry R & D team and sales. To really trust in this environment of e-commerce sales online really hard . You can imagine , industry of radio and television can do is every day that the Lord has multiple web browsing on the Internet? So I have an e-commerce company . To say that e-commerce , I am doing the work published online , updates Web site maintenance of the problems I had , I have no administrative or design on the top. I often think that ultimately what I do is to make e-commerce or the alternative. I maintain the website is a product update lifetime , in which the replacement or what? Do not know where my future, as if slowly away from e-commerce . I lost a .............
What is your openion about E-commerce?0Allison A2012-10-10 11:30:26
1) Do you know clearly about MedlinePlus E - Commerce? MedlinePlus 2) Is the trade over the Internet is necessary for our economy? MedlinePlus 3) Do you think that trade through network is secure ? MedlinePlus 4) Do you have cheated before, while trade through internet ? MedlinePlus 5) E -Commerce help increase globalization ? MedlinePlus 6) The payment made through the Internet for products purchased is safe . MedlinePlus Do you agree ?
This is fraud of a commerce1Claud2012-03-21 02:23:51
A brewery, says he wants not the message short hair to give me the rice before you buy here, still is the website of your company in the short message , I have the message shortly before attention , spent half month later, sent a short message , are from one day to call me yet , have I have rice, I gave him the price he has not the price of how to join me in try me , look like him, can still be accepted , with respect to the requirement to take a sample to go personally to the city then will , if successful , shows signs an agreement with me. Also the connection between two mobile with respect to only . Has a problem that I apologize . What is needed notice
What use does those chamber of commerce of Dunhuang have?1Teah2012-08-06 00:42:03
Of those chamber of commerce of Dunhuang what is establishing a goal? What profit is there after joining? Which those who know is OK guidance giving a point
The direction of e-commerce chain1Celest2012-11-04 11:12:02
To see many reports of e-commerce , a kind of logistics and information is not the operation of the chain. What I would like to ask professionals who know the chain development of electronic commerce ? ? ? thanks
How does the commerce on the net let Xiaochan greaten odd2Norma2011-12-22 04:46:32
Electronic business affairs a main feature. Pick had not met frequently to both parties. Adopt a binational company network to access the Internet, go to the understanding of trade. For the respective sides opposite sincere letter is passed to the other side to be suspicious. This block or so to reach an agreement very strange business. How to solve this problem. Go do some research on the ground in the round to its network in addition to us, too. An important step enables across active understanding to know. But how do you make other assets to understand? . Above all you must leave your message actively leading others. The analogy he says. Your certificate of cash. Be that as industrial and commercial charter. Wu duty card records. Certified products. All types of certificate of honor and businessman from all types of credit certificate, and you and others that the big leaf model of trade in the network. These are the people that feeling first impression of the company looms. Communication is next and communicate. This can happen now all kinds of tools. Pass the media and communication. Making the person feel that you are exactly is the business of trade in the network in a heartfelt letter. 3 is meaningful action. Near the sheet is formed. 1, can move to send sample reasonably. The sample is the key to the business of trading in the network provides. 2, about your product all the data. 3, have a strong commitment to the target customer. The clause is signed as the contract allows a client eat ball instead. Electronic business affairs is very Xiaochen send the sample. As a child sheet Greatens strange. 4, I will not ignore the small leaves. Looking Xiaochen sometimes. This is a really great client. Education rises yourself big client, a large number of customers to spend Xiaochen pass your letter that is sincere, do some research in the field. See if you make a large sheet with you. 4, is the method through visits to come. Making contact and knowledge face to face. This is a very principal. This requires a network of hand-on knowledge. The line felt a knot. Probability has the greatest effect. Electronic business affairs makes a small hole inspect wider. But the business of electronic trading network business opportunity that we want to learn all kinds of ways and means to capture all the odds is how old sheet is like a curious child and go.
E-commerce payment options?1Melinda Gomez2012-09-04 01:10:03
What are my options for taking payment from my online store. The web design company have recommended you choose 'Paypal' , which charges 3.9% per transaction. I will be trading in the UK, there are other cheaper alternatives ? cheers all .
Creating an e-commerce site?1Kaha Mark2014-12-03 09:10:13
Are MonsterCommerce.com network solutions and good places to build cost-effective platforms , proffesional trade for both UK and international trade?
Can I do e-commerce, how to take the name ah? XX is not to increase business Co., Ltd. ah?1grey-haired2012-03-17 19:42:09
I want to create a new company. This a major e-commerce and trade. I like to name simple point, generous name, I do not know what is good ? Who can help me think of a , ah , ah Oita wait! Supplementary question: is similar to the XX Business Co. , Ltd. , probably more reflecting the characteristics of the business. Simple and clear. Similar to business management Business Co Ltd, or up one. The expression is positive as this.
where did yida commerce trade go?1Donalda2012-02-14 02:48:02
a request i hockey shirts Yida trade and commercial cooperation when I went to ask a question that said the company delete as you let me doze I paid for my order I get it or I will not waste my money

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