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WSW Episode #2? Part 1? What will happen on Smackdown Tonight?0Hatim2012-09-27 05:21:02
BQ: What will happen tonight on Smackdown MedlinePlus No I do not read spoilers, so do not give me spoilers MedlinePlus Give me your opinion or predictions and what will happen tonight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Welcome everyone to the 2nd episode of SW! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We come live from Los Angeles, Staples Center TV-14 MedlinePlus We have over 75,000 people in the crowd. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Djomo Theme Song: "Eye of the Tiger" Impacts * MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Djomo: Hello everyone and welcome back Back to BEAR! We had an amazing first episode last week and the shows will continue to improve. Now, today will be a series of matches to determine the number one contender for any title champion will face bloody days. Bloody Day is our first PPV OSO and will happen in just two weeks on November 19, is for all champions to defend titles there. There will be a royal rumble mode 7 to determine a winner, and the price of a shot of winning any title in bloody days. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Preview the matches today * MedlinePlus Match 1 Match Number one contender for the International Championship WSW bloody days (Three-Way) MedlinePlus Thunder vs. Lightning vs Mr.CT MedlinePlus As our second episode begins with OSO his first game. * Pause * Goes MedlinePlus We are back and it looks like all the big stars are all in the ring. Mr.CT, Lightning and Thunder. The Ding Ding Refree party started ... ... Ding. Lightning and Thunder seemed to get along today and look out for Mr.CT out first. Mr.CT down after the two beat him up with punches. Thunder by a leg drop to Mr.CT and goes for the cover 1 .. and lightning breaks and the two start fighting ... Ooh and a kick in the face from the rays. Will this affect them a tag team? Well, they are still fighting each other like thunder back up. Thunder comes to the big play and goes for the cover 1 .. 2 .. and was very close to Mr.CT its dissolution, since it seems that he's back in the game. Mr.CT collects thunder and goes for the backbreaker. Goes for the cover 1 ... 2 .. Thunder and lightning bursts into the face of that falls Mr.CT now. (Check Mr.Ct officals and he's good to go). The match continues and trade hits two brothers also Mr.Ct rises and all just look at each other ... so it would look like Lightning and Thunder will join together, but this time Mr.CT and Ray trying to get thunder .. both Miss clothesline and clothesline them both .. as lightning spear out of the ring. Mr.Ct still in the ring and down while Thunder stands tall and oh no thunder Thunder goes for the Boom and Mr.CT exits and does Hellvator and goes for the cover 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. and it seems we have a winner. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The winner and number one contender for the International Championship Mr.CT! at 5:53 MedlinePlus * Do not show Shaun cold * MedlinePlus Match 2: Women's Champion ----- BEAR Loser gets a rematch MedlinePlus bloody days Sexy Red Cerebal Phenom vs Unknown MedlinePlus RSCP enters the ring wearing all black today ... With a microphone. We might get to see the first game of the diva today .. Finally Oponnent ID Djomo has to RSCP. RSCP: You have anyone to look at me right Djomo * Djomo displayed * Yes, I do ... RSCP meet another unto thee diva women's champion ... STELLA RAE ..... RSCP: WHO? Stella runs to the ring and faces RSCP right in his eyes ... Stella: That's .... Both Divas in various nooks and ready to start the match ... bell blows Ding Ding ... Ding. ... Both begin a game Divas trading blows with each other. Stella RSCP kicked in the stomach and tries to pull the ring and RSCP just steps from the road. and beware this could mess ... stella works RSCP and a boot in the face of Stella who just lost and now Stella turns around and does the chokeslam RSCP not suceed as he pulls out of her and starts RSCP in the middle of his body and stun! RSCP! stella will appear at the top of the string ... What's going to try to do here? it is becoming arounnd she tries to make a back flip .... ooh she can not, as RSCP comes from behind and attacks ... both are on the top rope and does a clothesline RSCP flying! and Stella is standing again turns and a Chokeslam from RSCP .... RSCP goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... and a kick like a dirty face RSCP ago Stella and Stella is weakened but still trying to get up and RSCP his tour and go for the TOMBSTONE! RSCP goes for the cover 1 ... 2 .... 3 ..! MedlinePlus Winner and new Champion Women Red Sexy Cerebal Phenom! at 6:01!
WWE TNA heat episode 4 part 6: main event 6 pack challenge (final part) thoughts on show and ending?0Charhonda2012-07-15 15:41:02
daniel bryan, razor ramoan, & jeff hardy all make their entrances. While cm punk makes his, JR points out that he is perhaps the odds on favorite to win this match while king points out the fact about rock & john cena yet to make their way to the ring. he's right, john cena gets a bigger pop than cm punk but rock gets a bigger pop then the two combined. daniel bryan and razor ramoan will start us off as the two get technical with hammer locks and standing armbars. at one point ramoan irish whips bryan. Bryan ducks the first and second clothesline as he shoots off of both sides of the ropes. He tries a cross body but razor catches him and hits a fallaway slam. daniel bryan winces in pain as razor willingly tags cm punk in. As a charging cm punk aggresively walks towards daniel bryan quickly crawls over to tag in john cena. "king: daniel bryan wanted nothing to do with punk." "JR: smart strategy though, recover from receivings then come back in for the win and look at this. cena and punk are face to face nose to nose, and remember. last year punk walked out of WWE with the WWE championship at money in the bank in what was to be his last match." "King: and cena hasn't forgotten it ever since" The two jaw jack before trading punches. Punk gets the best by judo kicking cena in the legs followed by a couple of back hands and then tries a round house kick but cena ducks and hits a quick AA on punk. punk rolls over to tag the rock in. The rock and john cena go face to face. lets go cena cena sucks chants rocks the building at first. The rock and john cena then trade punches before the rock punches cena all the way to the ropes. The rock irish whips cena but lowers his head too soon and cena tries a sun set flip on the rock. The rock struggles to stay standing but he's able to sit down hook both legs into his own pinning combination. 1, 2, and cena kicks out. cena tries a clotheslines but rock ducks, grabs the arm and hits a vintage rock ddt. but thing start to break down as daniel bryan runs in and charges but gets thrown over the top. razor ramoan comes in and charges and tries a clothesline but rock ducks, shoots off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline of his own. shawn michaels and diesel come back out and the two attack rock from behind and beat on him as daniel bryan and razor join the frey. the ref calls for the bell to be rung for a disqualification. stone cold and undertaker run in to even the odds and along with cm punk and jeff hardy, it turns into a pier six brawl for a minute. john laurenitis theme hits as he walks to the stage enraged. john: STOP IT!!!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR I'LL FIRE EVERY DAMN ONE OF YA. (everyone stops and looks at laurenitis) you guys want a pier 6 brawl? Well i've got an idea for you guys. How about this, by the vested interest of people power, we make ourselves a 12 man tag team match? it'll be the rock, john cena, cm punk, stone cold steve austin, jeff hardy & the undertaker vs daniel bryan, razor ramoan, diesel, shawn michaels, bully ray, & this man.......... (brock lesnar's theme hits as brock, bully ray and paul heyman make their way to the ring) commercials 12 man tag match: Hardy tags in cena while michaels tags in daniel bryan. cena hits his shoulder blocks, a sideslam and sets up for his you can't see me. he shoots off ropes and hits a 5 knuckle shuffle on bryan. Razor tries to come in and hit a clothes line but cena sees it, ducks it and hits a suplex. Bully ray comes in and nails cena with a clothesline. rock then comes in and hits multiple right hands before hitting the big one sending bully ray over the top rope. Brock lesner drops from the apron to drag rock out of the ring which prompts the rest to run to rocks/brocks aid and brawl outside the ring.Brock lesnar irish whips rock into the steps hard. Meanwhile in the ring, john cena gets in position to do an AA when he is turned around and nailed in the gut by brock. Brock sets him up for an f5 but sees triple h (with the crowd going bolistic), sledgie and an arm sling in all charging towards the ring. Brock bails out of the ring and jumps the barricade with paul heyman, and triple h close behind. The ref leans through the middle ropes to admonish the wrestlers who are brawling outside the ring, meanwhile big show runs down the ramp and into the ring, waits for cena to get up hits a WMD on cena once again. Big show steps over rope and leaves the ring. Daniel bryan makes the cover and ref sees it and counts 1-2-3. winners: daniel bryan, razor ramoan, diesel, shawn michaels, bully ray & brock lesnar while the brawl does go throughout the crowd. Daniel bryan is seen celebrating chanting YES YES YES YES. "JR: history has been made as daniel bryan has made a name for himself in the most famous areana." "King: Now i know we're not gonna hear the last of him." "JR: Thanks for joining us ladiea and gentlemen wherever
WWE TNA heat episode 5 part 4 (conclusion of the royal rumble match)?0edwen!2012-09-25 04:46:02
Then it comes down to Triple H and Undertaker. The supporting both of the average nose to nose ring. The crowd is huge in favor of the policyholder as huge undertaaker songs fill the areana. "Tenay:. How appropriate is that it all started in wm 27 and ends here" "King: omg, I can barely hear myself think i Tenay are equally pumped as I am to see this.". The crowd erupts as Triple H and Taker start exchanging blows. Undertaker gets the better of him, even as triple h undertaker backs against the ropes and Irish whips him. Taker pulls to the opposite side and try to fly a clothesline but Triple H ducks and accidents and burns taker rolling outwards. Triple H rushes forward and grabs him and rams his face taker at the steel ladder and then throws him back into the ring. triple h goes under the ring to grab faithul old hammer. Triple H slips under the ring with the hammer and expected taker up. Once up, Triple H timed him in the jaw. Triple H throws the hammer out of the ring and then goes to Undertaker and leans down and says, "Stay Down TAKER IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR NOW STAY DOW ---" Taker grabs him by the throat as he makes his way to his feet. however Triple H kicks him in the stomach and nails the pedigree. "Tenay: triple h all have to do now is pick up the funeral home and throw on top." "King:?? Yeah, but how are you going to lift dead weight (puh not provided) Triple H nailed the Pedigree and now Undertaker is dead in the ring." triple h policyholder slowly pushes to the ropes and then is able to lift to the second rope but nothing policyholder returns with a last trip with a huge crowd pop. "Tenay:. God, what a game this is brutal." "King: Both have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this game, this is great.". The two men try to remove their feet with songs huge taker in the process. as both men trade strikes again with "boo" and "Yeah" from the crowd. policyholder gets better again, again Triple H into the ropes and irish whips him. Taker drops his head too early, but as Triple H hits another facebuster, backs up on the opposite side, is loaded into holder that is leaning on the ropes after the facebuster but staggered back body taker drops him over the top and that's the game. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Winner: Undertaker: Undertaker slowly gets up to look around and see the crowd cheering and clapping and appreciate the action tonight. The Undertaker makes his bow and then gets up before coming face to face with Triple H, which has a microphone in hand. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Triple H: The fact that he won the game in no way means you have won the war. You see I started two years ago at WrestleMania. It could end in wm 27 ...... It could end at WrestleMania 28, so I have something for you. Our third party, why not put this feud to an end? a party where no one survives. A party that is so brutal, going to number your days as a WWE superstar. I say we finish this ....... In an Inferno match. (Fans explode. Undertaker looks at Triple H for a few seconds before sloly runs his thumb across the throat. Fans raise the roof of this areana.) Oh, and beneficiary? See you in hell. (Hits Triple H as Triple H theme walks back up the ramp. Evil swapping two look at each other. Taker slowly runs his thumb again as triple h triple h responds with mockery flexibility) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think of this part and the show itself? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus what did MedlinePlus MedlinePlus primarily as MedlinePlus MedlinePlus hate moetly things I've changed in the program MedlinePlus Series fighter (who peformed the best fighter in your opinion.
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What? There was a Divas trade that sent Beth and Mickie to Smackdown?2lizbeth2012-11-02 04:33:02
Wow , I did not catch on WWE that much these days, and now send their top Divas of Smackdown ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And how the hell is no Trades ? It's not like the host Geust really knows anything about what are the divas that ..
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How Do You Unlock the "Trade" and "Cost" Option Settings in WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2008?0pAvLeEn2012-09-30 03:40:03
The title is enough said - I can unlock How Trade and cost options in 24/7 GM mode ? I have the GM of the Year trophy , but it does not unlock anything . - __ -
Economics HELP URGENT!! need by tonight!?0a2012-07-27 08:00:01
Buy my staff food tonight?3Traci2012-10-06 11:04:02
I recent got a job as a 'staff supervisor' for a small attraction. There's a bunch of us; we trade off and on. Tonight, even though it's the 4th of July, we will stay open till 8, and some staff could be there till after 9 PM. I don't have much experience yet, and I know some staff are a little wary of me still. It's one of my first closing shifts, and due to the holiday, I may have to cut staff who really want double pay (if it's slow, I won't have a choice). I was thinking maybe I'd bring in a pizza or two and give them a free dinner. I mean I'm talking about no more than 12 staff people here. Think that's too far? I'm not looking for approval per se, just trying to do a nice gesture for staff who might not have me figured out yet. And of course, may get sent home early.
Will luongo get traded at the draft tonight?2nirva s2012-09-14 06:39:02
for who and to where what do you guys think
Should I drink cider or champagne tonight?10Deepak2012-10-27 06:36:02
As an Englishman who has many major U.S. based companies I need some advice . MedlinePlus Im going to be spilled tonight in New York (Wall Street ) , but I'm thinking the above question.I have had a great week of trading , so champagne is an option, but I like the taste of Strongbow . Which should I choose ?
Basketball: Do you see a trade happening tonight?0icelocsgirl2012-09-18 03:33:02
As a Dwight Howard or Josh Smith type of trade going tonight?

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