How would you rate Bush vs Obama on the list below?

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Look at the list below and give me your final grade in% as a combination of all the elements of the list , for example : MedlinePlus Bush MedlinePlus = 50 % MedlinePlus Obama = 50% The higher the score , the more positive you feel about the whole list , either Obama or Bush MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Achievements YEAR IN OFFICE first MedlinePlus AFGHANISTAN MedlinePlus CAP and TRADE MedlinePlus CONCERNED ABOUT MAINTAINING THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE MedlinePlus MedlinePlus FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM MedlinePlus GLOBAL WARMING MedlinePlus health implementation MedlinePlus income redistribution MedlinePlus fear in our ENEMIES IRAN MedlinePlus IRAQ MedlinePlus NORTH KOREA MedlinePlus PATRIOTIC , loves the American way of life MedlinePlus MedlinePlus POLARIZING PUTS COUNTRY POINT OF VIEW ON ITS OWN MedlinePlus Ingratiate SELF / pompous MedlinePlus Strong in defense MedlinePlus SUPPORTS ONE OF OUR BEST OF ALI , ISRAEL MedlinePlus Understands the importance of a strong AMERICA IN THE WORLD ARENA MedlinePlus UNEMPLOYMENT MedlinePlus Respected as an international leader MedlinePlus STRONG MedlinePlus WORK ETHIC It works across party lines

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