I have read a few books on chart analysing/technical analysis (stock market) now. Continue on 4 the question,.?

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Asked at 2012-09-25 13:11:03
(NOT A QUESTION OF TRADE DAY LIKE THAT WAS MY PREVIOUS ) .. I have read a few books full now focusing directly on chart analysis and technical analysis ( stock market ) . However, none of the books gave no specific information about how to find lists bullish desired patterns / trends / etc outbreaks did mention that I would have to analyze the market averages ( DJIA , NASDAQ , NYSE etc. ) to find the having the smallest downslides (considering the market falls together, grows together, so when it falls , find the market average fell less? ) cuz that 's where the smart money is , and then figure out what index that the market is the best , and then find the best individual action . However, the books do not say anything about how to go about doing anything like that .. that is really the most important part . Can someone please teach me how. I've been searching blindly through the business cards at random, and I feel like I'm wasting way too long , not finding anything that looks too good . Also, if someone wants to write directly to the ends of the graphics may be promising , I'll be busting my b .. rain to return the favor ( find a good shot ) . Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated so and returned. However, the most important thing now is how I can find where is the money ? thank you
Answer1sadiAnswered at 2012-10-15 11:18:27
Although probably the most written about technical analysis , is the most questionable investment practices . The premise is that all that is reflected in the graphs and the general feeling of the investment community can be measured from the charts . Locals are weak and unprovable and often the results are even surpassed by more esoteric concepts such as astrology . From the standpoint of signal processing, the destruction of data by automatically closing filter paper much higher frequencies where the desired information is more likely that data resides tick still by definition occurs at irregular intervals and both must be decimated and interpolated , which also filter the most relevant information . Lots of noise associated with trade data , you may be better to plot earnings and other fundamentals, despite the lack of frequency in the data, to interpret how the business goes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You should look into solid concepts , first in terms of being able to identify viable businesses and assess the health of the company , the issue of risk and money management , quantitative relationships in finance and then you may TA want to use a little tuning inputs and outputs , but certainly TA should not drive your investment strategy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think it is a mistake to focus on charts and technical analysis . They tend to be how-to with very little basis why.
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