suit you better than Andy Lau fine manners [more map]

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suit you better than fine manners Andy Lau [more map]
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suit you better than fine manners Andy Lau [ multi - map ] women and exclusive fashion , men love the quality and style, this is the law of fashion clothing. Then the law , a woman needs not only a singular custom , men need . But it is clear that men are not the usual success in the domestic situation , the man Tiaoyi Fu is still difficult. We always have the hard cover for the fashion of a man of dumping, the total market for foreigners to do ten custom dreams , such as character customization representative of quality and dignity. Try a suit points leader : "Leadership " is the key to adjust. Necklace given to very broad, clear lines should be concise , consistent, should not break in the curve. Sleeve cage to try to rely on feeling , on both sides of the arm hanging naturally , sleeves should be visually smooth sleeve cage match clothing to the body's joints can not wrinkle , wrist to right in the middle. The following are recommended Xiaobian will give you a list of several good from 07 new suits, you want to buy a little more tip. Recommended companies : Pei Qi Garments Co. , Ltd. Shanghai recommend a single product: Companies recommended : Trading Company in the Park shells recommend a single product:
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