Matching: words to their definitions?

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d. MedlinePlus coalition e. MedlinePlus Cold War h. MedlinePlus dissident i. double-digit inflation MedlinePlus j . But MedlinePlus k. MedlinePlus ideology l. MedlinePlus imperial presidency m. MedlinePlus ICBM n. MedlinePlus Iron Curtain or . MedlinePlus half power q . MedlinePlus peaceful coexistence s . MedlinePlus satellite t. MedlinePlus separatism u. MedlinePlus stagflation MedlinePlus v superpower w . MedlinePlus trade deficit x. MedlinePlus welfare state MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Definition :
1. nation controlled by the Soviet Union MedlinePlus 2. improvement in Soviet -American relations during the Cold War MedlinePlus 4. critical of the communist party or regime MedlinePlus 6. greater presidential power , abused MedlinePlus 8. nation economically strong and influential , if not militarily as MedlinePlus 9. when you import more goods exported MedlinePlus 11. movement for the independence of Quebec from Canada MedlinePlus 12. when the government offers programs for the good of its citizens MedlinePlus 14. MedlinePlus trade blockade 15. economic trend inflation caused by higher unemployment rate MedlinePlus 16. increase of 10 percent or more in the general price level
17. MedlinePlus temporary alliance 18. country unrivaled military power or political influence MedlinePlus 19. political and economic philosophy MedlinePlus 20. long-range rockets that can go to distant places MedlinePlus 22. Soviet-made imaginary barrier separating the east and west of Europe MedlinePlus 23. time of political tension without conflict

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