Compare and contrast the modern industry and the tradit. agriculture of Venezuela. Venezuelan info. included.? related questions

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Compare and contrast the modern industry and the tradit. agriculture of Venezuela. Venezuelan info. included.?0Myriah2012-09-25 02:18:02
Compare and contrast the modern industry and traditional agriculture Venezuela. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Modern Industry: MedlinePlus The class found rigid social structures established by the Spanish has been transformed since the mid-1920s by oil discoveries around Lake Maracaibo. These oil wells Venezuela into one of the major oil producers. Oil exports produce foreign trade income in good years that are equal to the income of all other South American countries together. Under democratic governments that have ruled since mid-1959, much of this money has been earmarked for development and social programs that have benefited the people. Before the discovery of oil in 1813, the population was 80% rural, illiterate and poor. Today those proportions are reversed. More than 85% of Venezuelans live in cities, can read and write, and many of them are less poor. The agriculture-based economy has given way to the industry. Modern Venezuela, despite many economic problems, should be ranked among the worlds richest and most powerful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Traditional culture and agriculture: MedlinePlus The vast majority of Venezuelans are called mestizos of mixed origin. About 17% of the population is white and 10% are black. Native American Indians who have remained unmixed represent only 1% of the population. Almost everyone speaks Spanish and the majority is Catholic. In the highlands, we find not only the majority of the population centers of the country, but also their farmland. Before the discovery of oil, agriculture based economy. Coffee used to account for more than half of export earnings. Today it remains the most valuable cash crop. For decades, agriculture has taken a back seat to oil. The country is not self-sufficient in agriculture and has to import about half of its food. Venezuela does not have the rich soil of other Latin American countries. In recent years, government programs have increased agricultural production through projects such as irrigation. Potato production has increased, but still not enough to meet the demands of the growing urban population. Across the country, the markets are full of produce. Government attempts to reduce subsidies and price supports in recent years have led to higher prices and, occasionally, to protest the village. The early crops of sugarcane raised are maize, rice, sorghum, bananas, oranges and coconuts. Livestock and dairy products are also imported livestock has not yet occur in the uplands, but in the prairies of Yonoes bounded.
Compare and Contrast American Revolution to the war in Iraq?0Jonesy 312012-08-08 02:17:03
Similarities and differences of the American Revolution to the war in Iraq on these issues. - Military - Civil -Global -Trade - Politics - Time
Compare and contrast the similarities of China and the United States in terms of exchange rates, trade practic?0mich2012-07-30 17:44:56
Compare and contrast the similarities between China and the U.S. in terms of exchange rates , trade practices , and environmental factors . How does China have on the world economy?
Compare and contrast the difference between the three trading companies Portugual trading empire, Dutch East?0Riri2012-06-29 12:15:02
Compare and contrast the three trading companies Portugal Trading Empire, The Dutch EAst India Company and Walmart and How do they treat Asian countries?
gg, yahoo included slow (baidu case analysis is not included)0prabhu2012-10-09 16:39:35
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Xiamen TongDa lines industry co.,ltd - contact info requested1Bria2012-06-19 04:32:21
Does anyone have contact details or the provider is located in Xiamen , China.
How I do trading in Venezuela?0Andriaana2012-10-26 01:59:08
I have few stores in Venezuela who want to buy me a map in order to fashion garments . MedlinePlus My idea is to carry goods by container and then import to myself , the supply of these small shops and then seek new customers in the country to sell all my merchandise balance . MedlinePlus I can do that no resident ? MedlinePlus I can carry out my dollar funds abroad. MedlinePlus what types of law in fashionable clothing ? MedlinePlus If I open an office , (import and export ) , is it a plus or difference MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help
What are the laws for US Trade Restrictions With Venezuela?0Scotty2012-08-29 17:58:13
Where I can look to find them ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am seeking information about laws regarding restrictions on trade with Venezuela . We are thinking of selling software to a company in Venezuela , but I'm not sure where to look to find the laws ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
Can the USA trade or import/export with venezuela?0ratios2012-09-10 22:43:01
I sell phones to people in Venezuela .
What have international organizations done with respect to trade in Venezuela?0Jander2012-10-16 23:54:15
How have international organizations with regard to trade in Venezuela ?
Why do liberals deny that Obama is actually the president of evolution, Iran, Acorn and Venezuela?1Debre Rolon2012-11-05 07:04:02
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Since when has international agriculture been around?0Chandresh2012-10-08 15:44:41
I'm writing a speech and I can not find details on when this started . I mean trade that goes way back , I do not know how far back . MedlinePlus Help please!

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