A loonie is now worth more than an American dollar - What is going on and why ?

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Fri Sep 28 , 11:31 AM MedlinePlus By Malcolm Morrison , The Canadian Press MedlinePlus TORONTO - The Toronto stock market was little changed late Friday morning with investors reluctant to do much in the last trading day of the third quarter , while the Canadian dollar rose about half a U.S. cent Beyond parity with the dollar , despite weaker than expected economic growth in July. MedlinePlus New York markets were in the red as investors tread cautiously before the start of the third quarter earnings reports while data pointed to strong consumer spending activity last month . MedlinePlus S & P / TSX composite index fell Toronto 7.86 points to 14,121.87 . MedlinePlus The Canadian dollar rose 0.50 of a cent to U.S. $ 1.0036 after Statistics Canada reported that the economy grew 0.2 percent in July , the same rate recorded in June. MedlinePlus However, that was below the 0.4 percent economists had expected reading . MedlinePlus href = " http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/world_markets " >
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Yes, and what is your question ? This is because interest rates were cut and the last time oil dropped and the supply and demand ... October is the worst month for U.S. ... always did then ....... ( X -mas spending ) , markets will soar and then drop in mid-January ... This is also due to the economy in Canada and the us ... we are in the kind of crisis trying to avoid a recession so they are borrowing from international banks worldwide ... Call center customer contact in pfg.com will explain everything to you .... I do not deal with more markets primarily securities and funds .... so this can not be written to sound good ...
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The U.S. dollar is falling against other currencies . That means the price of imports will rise while the price of our exports will fall . This has had a positive economic impact in the area of ​​Buffalo / Niagara . I saw a story last week by the huge increase in Canadian shoppers in stores in the U.S. and the following day on Canadian television a story about the return of U.S. buyers in Canada ... There are positive and negative aspects of having a weak currency ... ........
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