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Moving to live in Greece?1Gloria Jackson2012-09-26 14:33:08
I want to know your opinions and suggestions on moving to live in Greece . I know now there is a financial crisis and things are not well in Greece , in terms of unemployment and interest rates , etc. However, my partner and I have been planning to move to live in Greece for a while . We hope that things will change for the better, and we are planning to make our move in the next 3-5 years. We are both 25 years old and currently lives in Toronto , Canada (which is a Greek - Canadian ) . He is an electrician with about 3 years of professional experience with a large power company in Toronto . I have a degree in Business Economics and am currently working in a medium sized trading company as an administrator while completeing a Masters in International Economics . I speak French , Spanish , English Bulgarian , and some . Greek ( currently taking courses in Greek) both have family in Athens , Greece and visit once a year . MedlinePlus I welcome your suggestions on how well you think you can go to live in Athens , and how difficult it is to find a job in the related fields . MedlinePlus Thank you !
Greece - why don't they want to drop the Euro ?0Kasi2012-09-19 08:28:03
What is the problem with ditching the euro and have some form of their own currency again? Would not other countries still trade with Greece just return to a fluctuating exchange difference ?
Questions About Ancient Greece?24Eheheheheheh... Help?! :(2016-06-06 20:52:24
Ancient Greece was dependent on trade in large part because only about a small part of its land was usable for farming.True or False In ancient Greece, a tyrant differed from other leaders in that he a.allowed slavery. b.seized power illegally. c.shared power with the nobility. d.had authority over the military. The most severe restriction on democracy in Athens under Cleisthenes concerned much participation in government a citizen had. b.which members of the society were considered citizens. c.whether citizens could propose laws or merely vote on them. d.whether the citizens' decisions were binding on the government. All of the following were characteristics of Athens' direct democracy EXCEPT executive branch. b.leaders chosen by the aristocracy. c.political power limited to citizens. d.laws directly proposed and voted on by citizens.
Why won't Europe let Greece default?0genna2012-09-26 05:34:03
I've been thinking about this Greek default and all that its effects would be . The common belief among Europeans is that a default would equal the end of the euro . But I just can not see how you get from a defect to the end of the common currency ? In an article in Bloomberg also notes that " states and local governments have to repay dollar debts ," and yet the dollar still exists. (
Why is Greece obliged to "obey" the EU, if there are BILLIONS 1strange h.w kid2012-08-28 03:35:02
That doesn't make sense... I mean, if this oil and natural gas are exploited, and sold to the international companies, this trade can solve the debt in very short time (maybe even two years or less). And then, Greek economy will get better, and even flourishes again...
How do I find scrap crates from Greece?1Guardian Angel 2012-03-30 00:34:43
How I can find boxes of waste from Greece ?
Ceramic foam filter Greece 02022-03-06 23:55:08
Ceramic foam filter Greece Aluminum is used to filter molten aluminum before casting. The filtration process removes particles that can lead to poor end products. Ceramic Foam Filter Greece Aluminum for aluminum castings consists of an open-cell flexible foam material, preferably hydrophobic, with a plurality of interconnected voids surrounded by a mesh of flexible foam material. Typical materials that can be used include polymer foams such as polyurethane foam and cellulose foam. Generally speaking, any combustible organic foam can be used as long as it has elasticity and the ability to restore its original shape. The foam must be burned or volatilized below the firing temperature of the ceramic material used. When using a ceramic foam filters, install a ceramic disc filter in the CFF filter box. Molten aluminum is poured into the filter housing through a ceramic foam filter, which traps fine particles in the molten metal. After the casting operation is completed, the aluminum slag remaining in the ceramic filter forms a nearly solid aluminum block. The ceramic foam filter can remove a large number of such inclusions from the molten aluminum. Foam ceramic filtration technology has become the world’s leading commercial aluminum alloy filtration method. Due to its low installation and operating costs and ease of use, the technology quickly spread to aluminum foundries of various types and levels of complexity. Per molti anni, i fornitori di filtri in schiuma di ceramica 6063 di scarto di alluminio a Coimbatore hanno fornito alle fonderie di alluminio fuso una maggiore pulizia del fuso, che è un requisito per il miglioramento continuo della qualiodot. Ad esempio, nell’applicazione dei pannelli del corpo delle lattine in alluminio, i filtri in schiuma da 40 e 50 fori per pollice (PPI) sono ora comunemente usati nella produzione di lastre. Inoltre, è attualmente in corso la valutazione di filtri a pori più fini. Tuttavia, l’uso di filtri a pori più fini richiede molto pretrattamento per ridurre il contenuto di inclusioni ed evitare che il filtro si ostruisca prematuramente o si blocchi da inclusioni residue. La presenza di particelle solide come ossidi, carburi, nitruri e composti di borace nei metalli (come l’alluminio) e inclusioni insolubili nei liquidi (come i sali fusi) influenzerà significativamente la plasticità durante la laminazione o l’estrusionelo finale. qualità. 
Do you think America should have a model based on Greece or Rome?0BritBoss2012-11-04 04:46:37
The Greeks believed in strong city-states to compete with each other and through competition promote trade (differencials of states and states rights), an everyman freeman system (except for Sparta) of democracy, a solid but not overwhemling military and for the most part isolationalism. The Roman model would be a military conglomerate run by a solid central (federal) govt with strong enforcement of laws and underwhelming civil rights, competition through corporate deal, and a social caste system that leaves for little or no improvement, and the need to butt in to any and all international affairs and using the military powers to enforce ideals on other peoples. So which model sounds better to you? I think the Greek model is what America was founded on but it has evolved into a Roman world power model. Btw the length of Greek rule: 1900 years, length of Roman rule1150 years. See a difference?
Greece two weeks twice a strike paralyzed the country1W A I t、2012-01-10 01:58:08
Street 11, Athens, riot police clashed with demonstrators Beijing News reported on 12 March in deep debt crisis of the Greek government has recently proposed tightening of fiscal policy lead to public discontent. 11, the two main Greek trade unions organized a strike only 24 hours, stagnant traffic, utility offices are closed and more than 3 million people took to the streets to protest, the whole country to a standstill. Name of the Greek public sector and private sector 2.5 million members of the two unions on strike. Day, Greek airports, train stations, ports, banks, schools and other services to nearly stop all operations, the capital of Athens is just a subway line running. The Greek news agency also joined the strike, to stop the transmission of news, the official website stopped updating the main daily newspaper in Greece 11 also ceased publication. This is the second part of Greece to hit the strike. In Athens, the streets, angry protesters carried slogans: "our money where to go?" He was playing the drum, with the speaker cries. "Not for the rich to make sacrifices" Demonstrators, some 100 young people dressed in black uniform with a helmet or a mask covering the face, some of which broke the windows of banks and shops, there are some people riot police poured ink. To prevent the demonstrations turned violent conflict, the government deployed thousands of riot police in Athens and other cities to maintain order. Emerging from the crisis of the euro, the Greek Government in the third proposal for a fiscal austerity program, plans to cut civil service pay raise various taxes, lower pensions and higher retirement age is expected increased revenues for the government of € 4.8 billion. Most of the Greek people need to identify fiscal austerity, but the program is not fair. In the medical department of the cap of Austria, said: "This is not fair. We have to have enough money to support themselves, dependent children, allow the bankers and the rich to make sacrifices to solve the crisis "The issue of 2010-3 -. System Highlight lifting limit of 14 5:00
Would Greece be a good trading partner with canada?0kimba2012-07-08 09:45:01
Why or why not?
Does it worry you about Greece's rapid financial collapse?3Jazzy shizzle2015-08-18 02:03:25
I do not know about you , but I " m very concerned about Greece's economy crashing down I read this morning that the gas and electricity companies planning an emergency meeting next week to see if there are ways in which countries can keep profits do not have enough money to pay creditors . too read the prison system does not have enough money to provide food for inmates and food shortages are going to get worse for the world's citizens everyone.We are sitting and watching this crisis in our Internet and TV news services , what bothers me is when I try to discuss this topic with others are a little crazy and lace " , so long as they are not here in this country . " But it's not just them last week Wall Street began to get nervous and fell trade figures is affecting us and if the Euro crashes that will certainly affect the U.S. we are still recovering. 're Going to want what best for Greece and Europe and hope to withstand the difficult days ahead .
What is the name of the first trading post of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient Greece?0~*!*rOcK*@nD*U*sUcK*~ 2012-08-28 22:40:02
What is the name of the first factory of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient Greece ?

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