Shenzhen Honesty Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.CAREFUL BANDIT ???

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You think it's normal to buy material ( tablet pc), and you trust the seller, and all you get your 2 pills not work, the promise of a seller Tablett with GPS ... but after 20 emails to tell you not to his GPS, but if you take abonement and maps of purchase ... The tablets are touch screen lock , USB does not work , there is no GPS , 3G only works if you buy a special USB modem (but dont tell when sold )! You ask him to return the money , he refuses ! You asked to exhange with products from other refuse ! You ask to care for the cost of delivery (since broken) refuses ! He only offers a solution: You were never sent back to work (so you pay shipping) , when you get to see, and send you the Chinapost (which means no WARRANTY on shipping, no WARRANTY , if your break ... ), because Sir Refuse to Jihai Chen sent back by EMS or DHL (that's too much for him) . And the thing is that you are not sure to get back your pills, but not sure of returning to work ! And anyway , if the fate of his work will have to invest at the top , especially USB modem 2, on the map and abonement .... So morality THEY tablets are peace of sh.t !
Answer1anteaterAnswered at 2012-02-08 07:18:24

Test test message the message of the service team < / p >

Answer2Crazy_Girl Answered at 2012-02-08 07:18:28

Gil, when you buy Tablet PC, I told JX-004b, and JX-004C is not incorporated, you need a 3G USB modem.

Telechip HuaWei 8902 requires E1750 USB modem, I explained to you on MSN.

But mostly people use Wi-Fi for this single tablet. About JX-004C

, which has built in GPS chipset, if you want to do the navigation, you need a map of their city, where you can get from Android Market, I think there are also some free maps. When using GPS, which can be used in open spaces and in their car on the road, street, etc., but not in the room, inside the house. I sent an instruction

user on JX-004C via email.

Yesterday I told you something that is not real for Mr. Chen Jihai, what bothers me.

According to our sales system has requested $ 14,697.22 to our company, I personally very careful of his orders, help you review one by one and will help you send directly to your customers.

But you said Mr. Jihai to buy $ 25,000 of my company, when Mr. Jihai see me, I said that the orders of the system is about $ 15000. Then I said I stole the money ...

"About now $ 15,000, unless the worker who stole I smile a lot" This is what he said:

GIL, you can expect You say this to him, I always took YOU as a friend and help you get your money back from a scammer, he tells EVERYONE, how much help you get back? It was more than $ 2500

know you do not have a job now and want some money to start your business again. but you can not say that it hurts my business.

knew that our warranty policy of the company, and to continue this when we were doing business with us. for faulty phones sent back late, we all help to solve it, some of them are broken by customers, including repair charge no fee.

I've been doing international trading for 7 years, never met a guy like you ...

you heard the name of history, "Farmer and the Snake"?

If not, go google.

God. This is really abusing me .. I can help you laugh? Gil, you know what I did when I asked for my help? I called Alibaba managing the use of our rights as a member of gold. That's why you are able to recover that money.

affirm once again, never you cheat. I sent all the specifications of Tablet PC and explained to you.

do not like the Tablet PC, offering our solution. We never say we do not take care of this.

wrote this story just want to force us to send you some other things you want for free.

rejected for the following reasons:

1: We explained that JX-004C, JX-004B function before selling them to you. 3G modem does not work because you have not used the correct required.

2: Do not know if the Tablet PC are really having problems like the one called for, so it requires sent back for evaluation, once accepted, but change your mind after it said it will send back by the China Post.

As for the previous orders of mobile phones. Each time you break some phones

transport by China Post or HK Post, you need to send you a new one and your next delivery order, we have accepted. Never add extra cost for additional phones. This part of the shipping cost we paid.

said orders to use their shipping costs, yes, that's true, but add new phones in a new order for a defected from transport, it is our responsibility?

Normally you should claim this shipping company.

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Answer3HarrAnswered at 2012-02-08 07:20:51
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Answer4North KoreaAnswered at 2012-02-08 07:28:47

Gil are so special .... I found hundreds of thousands of customers , who are the first I knew act like this. Not that ignorance. Begining in the same that did business with us, you know our warranty policy of the company, and sent some phones broken or dropped back to landlines and us.And send back to you with our cost. You have plenty of time to discuss this with us , why not think about how to keep your business. We have our own warranty policy , if all people do not like the product , and want more of us dead. We say again, send the tablet to us without the accessories to a minimum cost of shipping the tablet will check if they have problems as you mentioned , we will try USB , GPS, If you have a problem , make a video to prove. < / P >

If you have problems, change, send it back to you with our cost. Do you dare to send it back ? < / P> < / P >

Gil , before this order , Bono is taking very good of their orders. We will never lose money. < / P> I still remember

Bono applied from my 2 times on sending some new phones, along with your order and we will send faulty phones . < / P > We have told

JX- 004C , JX - 004B only works with some USB 3G modem , not all. We also send you a list for all 3G modems from working on this Tablet PC. < / P > JX- 004C

GPS function , I think every user to understand , if you want the navigation function , you will need to download a map from Android Market. or get a map of APK ( This is the format for Android applications ) < / p > < / P >

Amended by Chen Jihai 10/07/2011 20:42 < / div >
Answer5Shag_Dawg Answered at 2012-02-08 07:29:08
Dear Gil: We are very sorry for your action now. We tried to solve his problem. But you do not understand how the device Android OS, Our JX- 004C have built in GPS chipset that works perfectly . If you want to surf you need to download a map of Android Market, users believe that all important personal or even understand this. None of the manufactuer will provide a map for free. And Gil , our company will help you recover money from a scammer in Fujian , you never feel appreciated , but only to swear an insult to our sales man. He insisted on our GPS Tablet PC does not work, and wants to give you some other smart phones for free, this is not just for our company. We must reject . He gave a solution to solve the problem together , but angry and just say bad words to us. I keep threatening us to report Alibaba. You know we care about our reputation.
Answer6kandyAnswered at 2012-02-08 07:41:03
really a problem , kindly negotiate with each other and find a better way to solve these problems
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