Please tell me which player should I trade in my line up?

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Asked at 2012-09-24 15:08:03
C. Matt Wieters - Future Star MedlinePlus 1B. Albert Pujols ' Until Hell Freezes Over MedlinePlus 2B. Brian Roberts MedlinePlus SS . Troy Tulowitzki MedlinePlus 3B. Gordan Beckham MedlinePlus DE. Justin Upton MedlinePlus DE. Adam Jones MedlinePlus DE. Curtis Granderson MedlinePlus ULT . Alfonso Soriano MedlinePlus ULT . Jermaine Dye MedlinePlus ULT . Brian Zobrist MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Chad Billingsley P MedlinePlus P Josh Johnson MedlinePlus P Tommy Hanson MedlinePlus P Clayton Kershaw MedlinePlus P Ricky Nolassco
Answer1Guy--againAnswered at 2012-08-19 04:45:03
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Answer2MedyAnswered at 2012-10-07 18:09:11
I agree with most of trying to negotiate Soriano . I would not give to Beckham , however , hit .281 last month w / 3HR , 16RBI , 14R and just getting comfortable . It will not be a stud , but I think it can definitely help . Good Luck .
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