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The collapse of the financial markets?0bruni2012-09-23 12:45:02
Does anyone think that while Tony Blair and G.Bush where fooftops on terrorrisim screams . All the time these monsters called to our way of life , where quietly undermining and infiltraiting global financial trade . They had great friends in Saudi e.t.c. And Tony and George had us all looking the other way.It was not hard to make us all panic
Does it worry you about Greece's rapid financial collapse?3Jazzy shizzle2015-08-18 02:03:25
I do not know about you , but I " m very concerned about Greece's economy crashing down I read this morning that the gas and electricity companies planning an emergency meeting next week to see if there are ways in which countries can keep profits do not have enough money to pay creditors . too read the prison system does not have enough money to provide food for inmates and food shortages are going to get worse for the world's citizens everyone.We are sitting and watching this crisis in our Internet and TV news services , what bothers me is when I try to discuss this topic with others are a little crazy and lace " , so long as they are not here in this country . " But it's not just them last week Wall Street began to get nervous and fell trade figures is affecting us and if the Euro crashes that will certainly affect the U.S. we are still recovering. 're Going to want what best for Greece and Europe and hope to withstand the difficult days ahead .
Is Noise moving Financial Markets.0bern2012-10-08 18:13:54
In researching a thesis on Financial Markets 'm led to important investment question is the arrival of day trading software auto websites and investing in the market moving in a mansion abnormal before these sites . Is there anyone who can point me to articles that can help this.
What advantages do most Republicans see in deregulated financial markets?3Elie2012-10-07 02:51:03
Do they think that they personally can escape the consequences of using tax money to bail TBTF banks? How so? This money is put on the public credit card and somebody is going to pay eventually. Other than for purposes of political spin, the argument that deregulated banks are not a danger to the overall economy is a dead argument and we all know it. And the argument that a "robust" and unregulated financial sector is good for the overall economy is ,except for political spin, another dead horse. The money being generated in the trading departments of banks do nothing for the overall economy. That money is not reinvested in factories or infrastructure. It goes in the pockets on Wall Street. So why do they continue to beat a dead horse? #OWS
If you overhear someone does insider trading, you would say that the financial markets are at best___semiweak?1vero292012-10-11 11:09:03
Your best friend works in the finance office of the Corporation of Delta You are aware that this trade friend delta stock based on information he overhears in the office . You know that this information is not known by the general public . Your friend constantly brags to you about the benefits that wins Stock Trading Delta . Based on thsi information , you tend to argue that financial markets are efficient best____form . MedlinePlus A ) weak B ) semiweak MedlinePlus C ) MedlinePlus semistrong D ) strong MedlinePlus E ) perfect
What kinds of financial investments are traded in global markets?18jihb2015-10-06 00:09:22
What kind of investments are traded in world markets ?
Is there a good movie/video that explains the basics of the financial/stock markets.?0brave_heart_reza 2012-11-02 20:31:51
Assume I know virtually nothing about the stock market and the financial system. I want a video that explains every term and abbreviation it uses. One that starts with the basics of our money system and goes on to explain what a company or corporation is and why they produce stocks to how to trade those stocks etc... I have found a few short videos that explain individual parts, but what I am really looking for is a full length well made, well produced film that explains basically everything in a well organized manner using illustrations and examples and such. Perhaps there is none, but I find that hard to believe since there seems to be well made films explaining virtually all facets of life these days. Please, no answers saying "I don't know" or "look on google/youtube". I would like a name of a film or preferably a link to one. Thanks to all those who respond!
How do you find a financial chat room, re: Foreign Exchange Currency Markets?0English Lit2012-10-14 19:01:59
Is there anyone out there trading in the Forex market ?
The organization of financial and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic perfor?0Economics student2012-08-30 05:55:13
The financial services organization ( debt, equity , foreign exchange, derivatives) and commodity markets and their role in international trade and economic performance .
Why doesn't the govt. charge a buck a trade on the financial markets to pay the national debt?0Geno2012-09-21 13:49:02
With all the billions and billions of transactions every day out to take a month to return the money eh ?
Wants to know about US & UK stock markets in depth. I am a Tech analysist. I need structure of these markets?0badi2012-09-08 15:57:02
I am a professional broker . I can operate in the Indian markets . I want to know about the markets of the U.S. and the UK . I'm basically a good technical analyst and makes day trading successfully. I need the basic structure of these markets to day trade . General behaveir trading day with prospects , trends , patterns behavieral of stocks, indices , SmallCap and MidCap I'ma player Momemtum in day trading . In that case , what trend I see, how the structure of brokerage , How is culture day trading in the U.S. and the UK. Where will I get online graphics facility to open simultanoulsy atlest 30 shares and choose to trade in all total scrips and choose the best days moving above scrips with reasonable volumes . What is the scope in these markets for these patterns ? Is ther any website reveals the basic structure of these markets . If you are in these markets , and lead me in the knowledge base , help me make money consistently in day trading as I am a day trader very, very successful .
Find the financial statements for a publicly traded company, and examine its financial statements?0Kayela2012-08-14 09:38:03
Find the financial statements of a publicly traded company , and examine its financial statements from the perspective of a potential investor . Find or prepare the price / earnings, dividends , the dividend yield , book value and earnings per share , and identify whether you consider this company a good investment, with regard to their personal investment goals . Explain why you / do not invest in this company

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