What is the gain of the company by allowing their shares to be traded in the secondary market? related questions

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What is the gain of the company by allowing their shares to be traded in the secondary market?0Vonnie2012-09-23 01:40:02
What is the gain of the company to allow its shares are traded on the secondary market ?
Since the company receives no money when the stock trades in the secondary market, care about the market price?0Huck2012-08-31 19:33:03
Since the company does not receive any money when the stock trades in the secondary market , do not care about the market price ? Why or why not ?
How many shares are traded currently in the stock market?0lisa smith2012-09-17 01:15:05
Also , what percentage of the stock market at present is carried out by tobacco companies in the United States? I need answers at 10:15 am today . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
A company says it will give me shares of its stock , which is publicly traded.?0Daniel mom2012-10-19 15:25:12
However , these penny stocks and trades on OTC . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Assuming that I am " allowed" to sell the shares ( after consolidation , after the "period" ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Suppose I have 1000 shares . Let's say the stock is trading at 60 cents . If I sell everything, I get $ 600 ? What if people do not buy my shares ? ... So it makes no sense ... Right?
Is there a coin company that is publicly traded as stock? Is there a public coin company that issues shares?0Social Science2012-10-21 15:22:01
If there is a company that sells coins and actions , what is the ticker ID ?
How do you learn who EVERY stockholder and how many shares each owns in a publicly traded company?0Lyndsay2012-09-28 14:52:02
How do you learn that each shareholder and the number of shares each owns a publicly traded company ?
Is the DAHON folding bike company publicly traded? Would shares be available?0donnie price2012-09-05 19:45:03
Does the company folding bikes DAHON traded ? What actions are available ?
I need help reading the stock market.. How many shares are traded for Walt Disney today?3D.Martin2016-09-22 23:12:57
I need help reading the stock market .. How many shares are traded for Walt Disney today?
On which market are shares in the motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki traded?1Liz Marie Santana2012-09-16 00:54:04
What are the market shares of the motorcycle manufacturers Honda , Yamaha and Suzuki traded ?
How can you find out how many shares of stock a CEO & President of a company that's traded on the NASDAQ holds?0Lincoln2012-10-08 05:17:07
I'm trying to assess what a person applies for business and I know that 60 % of this company is held by senior management , but no breakdown . Is there a place that could limit the search ?
In Stock Market, what is the Mathematical Relationship between Volume(# of shares traded) & Price Movement?0Yaneth2012-09-20 16:14:03
insight into " Simple" Technical Analysis , please ..... with only the first volume vs price movements .
All the money in stock market (secondary market), what is the usefulness?0BrittA2012-08-05 13:20:48
Where shares in the company of issuance, seeking to increase the capital to the extent of its business, other than that, later, a circulation of new money independently in the secondary market. The money raised increasingly large, and decreased more with less frequency. The point is , what this money in the secondary market actually used to , when no one could not use at all, but simply stopped on the secondary market for trade? Correct ... 10 pts. for good and detailed answer

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