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U.S. Economy: Why does America run a deficit every year? DJIA Investing Economics Business Stock Market?0Peggie2012-09-23 01:30:02
One reason why the United States is becoming poorer and there is speculation of a dollar eventual " fall" is because the U.S. is losing billions of $ for its trade imbalance ( not enough export and import too , therefore , a negative balance ) . My question is , why the United States has a trade deficit to start ? How often do the same economic power ( such as Japan , Germany , etc. ) From what I've read , China has a positive trade balance sheet ( exprots more imports ) . So why did the U.S. leaving a deficit , and how long was the economic situation in the U.S. ? Why the U.S. try to " make money " and run a positive balance , therefore , not dependent on foreign mega- rich ( in the Middle East and Asia ) to buy U.S. debt . Please clarify with a comprehensive response . Thank you !
Is the US Government investing in the stock market to help the economy do a "soft landing" keeping puts at bay0Jenord2012-10-21 08:46:05
To put in a market that falls naturally produce benefits far more than the market would fall much faster than it does now , right? So, as the U.S. Government has been trading rules to limit total market losses in a day before you act , and invest a little to keep minor losses in banking stocks are not helping to make a "soft landing " , which is what Greenspan and Bernanke and company want ?
Stock Market DJIA: Dividend Payments vs Price of Stock: Definition?0Hedy2012-09-23 14:43:02
Someone please clarify what happens when a company has traded its rising stock price : So an investor who owns shares in this company makes a profit . But how is this different from the company profit and paying a dividend to its shareholders ? I'm trying to understand what is causality for both situations . Please clarify . Thank you.
I'm a 21 year old business student, I wanna start trading in the stock market?2teeka2012-08-21 07:19:25
Where should I start? I want to start out with just a small investment. Is this easy? Any info or links will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Should the stock market and private investing be abolished along with stock and bond trading?0grendalyn2012-10-08 05:29:11
If a government owned and controlled central bank is the only entity that can invest or lend to businesses or industry ?
Why is the stock market up and the economy looks really bad?1GOGO2012-08-30 19:33:02
10% unemployment . MedlinePlus corporates fire people to make money . MedlinePlus form of low interest rate for home buyers and still not much . MedlinePlus Obama still has a 0% loan free big banks just so they can invest. ( WTF ) MedlinePlus more than 42 million people receive social assistance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus however, the stock market and the volume goes up very, very low . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus WHY > ? Does Obama believe that if you follow the Dow Jones above 10k will think that the economy is doing well ? what is a work that is ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and what about this super computers that are listed on the stock exchange and no one knows who is doing it . >? Why is it legal?
What Can you tell me about the Stock market and investing?0rufus2012-10-09 16:41:20
What are the keys to success in this? Can day trading can be accomplished with good results given the time and research before you do ? MedlinePlus If some make this a career or a job on the side How to make money fast enough ?
What should I know before investing in the stock market?0Madison2012-08-25 10:02:03
I am a student 18 years of completing my first year of college . I currently have no work , nor have I had , but I want to start investing in the stock market , however , not sure about some things . I'm looking at using Scottrade and I am looking to invest about $ 600 to start. If someone wants to answer any of my questions I would greatly appreciate it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Do I have to pay taxes to support / marketing / sales / purchase taxes? MedlinePlus 2) What is the difference between a business and buy or sell ? MedlinePlus 3) Are there other financial obligations should know ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , I would appreciate any advice or comments . Thank you.
Different stock market investing techniques?? please help..?1Rose_Mary2012-10-26 03:17:02
I'm writing a column for my school newspaper , to be implemented in the coming months . I am writing about the stock market different investment techniques . Can someone compile a list , or add to mine , thanks for the help ! MedlinePlus - The value of investing MedlinePlus - Trade Promotion MedlinePlus - Swing trading MedlinePlus - Contrarian investment MedlinePlus Thank you again !
I have a question about investing in the stock market?0Jamin2012-08-17 00:35:31
I have 3 different accounts. A Roth IRA , 401K at work, and a small business account with a broker lost cost . I have a background of low cost index in the Roth , where most of my money. I have the 401k invested in a mid-cap fund . And with the trading account is going to buy some stocks or trade options to take profits here and there. Does this sound like a good investment plan ? ?
What is the age to start investing in the stock market?0Ande2012-10-03 18:50:58
I have 16 years old and inspired more funding . I just inherited money and want to start making my own trades with the money he received . Is there an age limit to open an account in the fidelity or something like eTrade . If so what is it and if you know how I can start my process with another company , please inform me ASAP.
Investing in the singapore stock market?0Millah2012-10-08 22:10:16
Is there a site I can visit that can provide the following on the sti : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. MedlinePlus quotes 2. MedlinePlus online trading 3. laws , regulations , taxes and limits investment in the sti

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