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Why are stock quotes delayed?0john brown2012-09-22 15:17:02
I like to dabble in day trading , but all the websites that do delay . Why is delayed and there are free sites that are not delayed.
Which of the following can you NOT find on paper stock quotes?0Nakiya2012-11-02 17:31:53
1: the lowest price for the last 52 weeks 2: the highest price for the previous day 3: the close price of the previous day 4: the number of shares of stock traded that previous day 5: the net change of stock price from the previous day which one is it
Which of the following can you not always find in the paper stock quotes?0Sharon Williams2012-10-11 01:34:01
a) the highest price of the day before MedlinePlus b ) the net change in share price the day before MedlinePlus c ) the number of shares traded yesterday MedlinePlus d ) the lowest price of the past 52 weeks MedlinePlus e) the closing price of the previous day
Where can i find daily stock quotes?0Kayden2012-07-27 08:56:02
I need some help getting daily stock quotes for day trade where u get stocks that are gonna go up on that certain day so I can make that mad money.
Bid and ask section on the stock streamer quotes?0devendri2012-11-04 08:17:02
I wonder about the serpentine say by Scottrade , supply section is what people are bidding for and the sale section is what the company is calling ? if so why is that during the pre - time or after -hours trading auction notice section is usually a bit away from the section asking bidders do think they can get money?
What is the difference between "last trade" and "real time" stock quotes?1Zann2012-10-19 13:52:03
Looking at stock prices on Yahoo Finance, each stock shows two different prices: Last Trade and Real-Time. Both numbers are updating constantly, but they're always a little different. Which is the actual price? And why bother listing anything other than the actual price?
Where on the web is a complete list of stock options currently traded, with quotes?0Melly2012-09-17 10:05:04
The Wall Street Journal used to offer this, but I see you do not.
Historical stock quotes for symbols that do not trade anymore. Say EXDS.?0ABCD2012-09-21 10:06:02
Is there a place on the web that offers historical quotes teletype that trade more ? For example , what ExDS trade for 1/10/99 ?
Should Cap & Trade be delayed but still passed?1rose -psydag2012-10-13 01:23:03
Cap & Trade is going to be expensive for the American Public. The economy is hurting and unemployment is through the roof. Would members of both major parties be okay with passing Cap & Trade in 3 to 5 years? Dems, you still get Cap & Trade to save the earth, just a few years later. Repubs, you get to save your money and spend it on things like food and electricity until the economy recovers, most people get their jobs back, and you have expendable income to use on the increased costs of, well, EVERYTHING, that Cap & trade will cause. And in the end, global warming true or not, cleaner air isn't a bad thing for our kids.
Ding Xinda delayed service02021-11-23 18:27:10
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Hong Kong is postal and airborne explode the storehouse is caused send toward delayed transportation of wrap up of American and other places1Ren2012-07-02 23:28:02
This e-mail in a grid pattern then you can use and buy the home to communicate , for reference only : Dear Valued Customer , I regret to inform you that I just received notice of the Hong Kong Post your article would be delayed during this time. To own the holidays , the number of the shipping package is growing strongly , prompting Quantity Hong Kong Airport ' S of the package is the overload. The link below is News Post of Hong Kong ' S of the delay : Http :/ / www.hongkongpost.com/eng/publications/notices/2010/20101013a/index.htm appreciate your understanding and patience. We also invite you to contact us more solutions. Thank you, sincerely , this issue Xxxxxx by John 11/11/2010 10:55 Shenzhen recommend a topic
The seller does not provide the goods, and later agreed to a refund, but have been delayed 50 days with no refund, the two sides have a contract.1Chillie2012-05-29 00:41:23
Cangnan a factory of the company and on February 1, 2010 signed a contract for the purchase , full payment of the goods of February 3, 2010 payment, the factory according to the February 11 deliveries, the result has been delay delivery has been delayed to February 25 or not delivered, the past that did not match the original factory, and later repeated in our insistence , the goods they had to say no to our money back to us . The results did not return was postponed until Feb. 23 so far today has been a month of 20 days. Contract amount is only 4,200 yuan. The two parties have a contract, but also sealed. It is a fax. Please help how to deal with good people. Thank you.

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