Which goalie should i pick up for my fantasy hockey league?

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frenor mider
Asked at 2012-09-22 13:59:02
rotiserie is a league and I have Turkish and Fernandez . My options are hire Mike Smith , Dallas. Garon from Edmonton . Raycroft to Toronto , Ottawa and Gerber Bryzgalov of the Ducks . All of them ( except Smith ) are on teams that seem to have two No. 1 goalies . that is likely to be traded and I should invest ?
Answer1I NEED HELP PLZ!!!Answered at 2012-10-20 00:26:19
I know hes not on your list , but took Osgood as the No. 3 goalkeeper for many of my computers. The only thing between him and the starting position in one of the best teams in the league who have one of the lowest dose is Haseks avererages groin against thin paper . Even if Hasek can stay healthy , Ozzy played around 25-30 games this season . Also taking into account the weakness of the division is , is a pretty smart pick .
Answer2carebearAnswered at 2012-10-25 21:43:17
Bryzgalov finally , he is the best goalkeeper # 2 in the league . He did very well in the first round of the playoffs last year against nature when Giguere had family problems . In addition , there is a good chance you will be changed , and then do a # 1 goalie , and will do even better if he gets regular playing time .
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